Look Who’s Speaking at Microgrid 2021!

April 23, 2021
Microgrid 2021 is fast approaching with thousands of audience members already registered to hear some of the top thinkers in the industry discuss why microgrid technology is fast becoming vital to to those who value reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable energy.

Microgrid 2021 is fast approaching with thousands of audience members already registered to hear some of the top thinkers in the industry discuss why microgrid technology is fast becoming vital to those who value reliable, cost-effective and sustainable energy.

A virtual gathering, “Microgrid 2021: The World Awakens to Microgrids” offers lively discussion panels, webinars, interviews with experts, live audience Q&A sessions, networking and exhibits.

Conveniently scheduled over 8 weeks, with two days of sessions per week, Microgrid 2021 begins May 11 and runs through June 3.

The event is designed for businesses, government agencies, institutions, municipalities, communities, households — or for anyone interested in learning about how a microgrid will improve their operation.

Register in advance for free admission. Space on the platform is limited, so we urge you to register soon. This is the third virtual conference offered by Microgrid Knowledge. Each previous event has attracted more than 4,000 people.

Take a look at the more than 60 energy leaders who will speak, listed below by date. More details are available on the Microgrid 2021 agenda page.

May 11

  • Allan Schurr, Chief Commercial Officer, Enchanted Rock
  • John Griffiths, Principal, CONTECH-CA
  • James DiLiberto, Director – CEO – Principal Electrical Engineer, AZZO
  • Joe Vitella, P.E., Senior Manager – Engineering, Federal Solutions, Ameresco
  • Lance Tushim, Construction Project Manager, Ameresco
  • Thomas Fawcett, Project Engineer, Ameresco
  • Mark Feasel, President, Smart Grid North America, Schneider Electric
  • Shawn Bennett, Senior Advisor, Air Force Office of Assurance
  • Joe Gammie, Business Development Engineer, PowerSecure
  • Mick Wasco, Utilities and Energy Management, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

May 13

  • Michael Coskun, Director of Business Development, S&C
  • Patrick Lee, Co-Founder and CEO, PXiSE Energy Solutions
  • Jamie Smith, VP of Global Business Development, Generac
  • Julie Delago, Director – Site and Electromechanical Integration Team, Cummins
  • Corey Bergendahl, Systems Engineer Product Advisor, Cummins
  • Hassan Obeid, Global Technical Advisor, Cummins
  • Scott Kessler, Head of Microgrid Strategy and Sales, Siemens
  • Scott Manson, Technology Director, SEL
  • Keith Thomson, Co-Founder and Facilitator, AVL Critical Services Microgrid Group
  • Karim El Alami, Managing Director,  Elum Energy

May 18

  • Bill Becker, Renewable Energy Sales Manager, ComAp
  • Brian Curtis, Founder and CEO, Concentric Power
  • Rene Mendez, City Manager of Gonzales, California
  • Cordelia Thielitz, Vice President of Microgrid Solutions, Rolls-Royce
  • David Stringer, Senior Business Development Manager, DEIF
  • Jason Allen, Service and Support Engineer, DEIF
  • Zachary Bradford, CEO, President & Director, CleanSpark
  • Thomas Hawes, Business Development Director, S&C
  • Rob Hong, Co-Founder and CEO, Sapling Financial Consultants
  • Peter Lilienthal, CEO, HOMER Energy/Global Microgrid Lead, UL Renewables
  • Michael Robinson, Associate Director – Microgrids, EDF Renewables

May 20

  • Scott Benson, Manager, Resource & Transmission Planning, Lincoln Energy Systems
  • Jim Fonger, Vice President of Business Development and Distributed Generation, Ameresco
  • John Kononiuk, Executive Manager of Facilities, London District Catholic School Board
  • Thomas Poteet, Vice President, Corporate Development, Mesa Solutions
  • Duncan Campbell, VP, Project Analysis, Scale Microgrid Solutions
  • Gauri Dixit, Project Analyst, Scale Microgrid Solutions
  • Bruce Nordman, Research Scientist, LBNL
  • Manoj Sinha, CEO, Husk Power Systems
  • John Westerman, Director of Project Development and Engineering, Microgrid Competency Center, Schneider Electric

May 25

  • Jacqueline DeRosa, Vice President Battery Energy Storage Systems – Ameresco
  • Chris Ball, Senior Manager, Microgrids, Bloom Energy
  • Norm Campbell, Manager, Federal Markets, Go Electric
  • Hugh McDermott, Senior Vice President of Business Development & Sales, ESS
  • Ryan De La Cruz, Director of Business Development, Ecom-Energy
  • Nirupama Prakash Kumar, Sr. Product Manager – Microgrids, Bloom Energy
  • Lorraine Akiba, President/CEO, LHA Ventures and former Commissioner,  Hawaii PUC
  • Michael Bakas, Executive Vice President, Ameresco
  • Hunter Lovins, President and Founder of Natural Capital Solutions
  • Jason Marenda, Project Manager, DER and Renewables, POWER Engineers
  • Erik Svanholm, Vice President, Non-Wires Alternatives, S&C

May 27

  • Michael Boswell, Vice President, Distributed Generation Projects, Concord Engineering
  • John Glassmire, Senior Advisor, Grid Edge Solutions, Hitachi ABB Power Grids
  • Klaus Payrhuber, Strategic Product Development Manager, INNIO Jenbacher
  • Tim Victor, Analyst, Scale Microgrid Solutions
  • Sean McEvoy, SVP Business Development, Veritone
  • Ryan Bazler, VP Marketing, aiWARE, Veritone
  • Aleksandar Vukojevic, Senior Manager of Smart Grid and Technology, Commonwealth Edison
  • Jaimie Hamilton, Technical Leader, Energy Management Business, Cummins
  • David Theodore, Co-Founder and CTO, Climate Resilient Internet

June 1

  • Thomas Poteet, Vice President, Corporate Development, MESA Solutions
  • Oscar Aitchison, Power Systems Engineer, Engineering & Operations, Okra Solar
  • Gwen Holdmann, Director, Alaska Center for Energy, University of Alaska
  • Samantha Childress, Solutions Architect Manager, Microgrid & DER, Schneider Electric
  • Jesse Gerstin, Director, Sustainable Business Development, SimpliPhi Power
  • Zihe Menge, Senior Associate African Energy, RMI (formerly Rocky Mountain Institute)

June 3

  • David Bliss, CEO, Charge Bliss
  • Brandon Bowser, Energy Program Manager, Maryland Energy Administration
  • Scott Dwyer, Research Principal at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Mike Byrnes, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, SourceOne
  • Ravi Pradhan, Vice President, Technical Solutions – Siemens Energy Management, Digital Grid Siemens
  • Clark Wiedetz, Chief Sales Officer, GreenStruxure
  • Marshall Worth, Senior Product Manager, AI, PowerSecure

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