Top Industry Perspective Columns for 2020 — Experts Lead Industry through Tumultuous Year

Jan. 4, 2021
The top Industry Perspective columns for 2020, opinion pieces by microgrid experts, guided Microgrid Knowledge readers through a tumultuous 2020.

2020 was one for the books in the energy industry — and just about every industry — rocked by the beginnings of a global pandemic early in the year, followed by an unmatched hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico and rampant wildfires in California.

Energy reliability became more crucial in a year full of unknowns, not to mention power outages. Enter right: innovative energy technology.

Experts from microgrid companies like CleanSpark, Ameresco, Schneider, S&C Electric and Concord Engineering explored the latest microgrid tech in Industry Perspective columns published by Microgrid Knowledge.

Their work showed bright potential for microgrid controllers. solar plus storage, and the overall future of microgrids, as the value of resiliency increases.

The energy industry will have to keep its collective ear to the ground, or to the zoom room, rather, as the “new norm” begins to settle, or continues to shift and develop.

Microgrid Knowledge readers have access to weekly Industry Perspective columns throughout the year — guest articles from thought leaders across the microgrid and clean energy industry.

See below for the top Industry Perspective columns for 2020, starting with the No. 1 most-clicked in Microgrid Knowledge.

1.The Benefits of Intelligently Controlled Solar Plus Storage Microgrids

As the share of renewable energy increases and utilities evolve, solar plus storage microgrids with intelligent controls become increasingly attractive. Amanda Kabak, chief technology officer and principal architect at CleanSpark, explains why.

2. Yes, Solar Plus Storage is Cost Effective
Rocky Mountain Institute 

Commercial customers paying demand charges and time-of-use rates should seriously consider an investment in solar plus storage, a common technology used in microgrids. RMI’s Ryan Shea and Madeline Tyson describe the organization’s recent research on costs.

3. Plug-and-Play Modular Microgrids Gain Market Momentum

Peter Asmus of Guidehouse describes the results of his new report on the global potential for modular microgrids, systems that can be “pieced together like Lego blocks, thereby shrinking design and deployment costs.”

4. Sustaining the Future of Indoor Vertical Farming with Microgrids

The uncertainty of today’s global pandemic has accelerated a rethinking of the way we obtain our food. Schneider Electric’s Don Wingate discusses how microgrids can help the indoor vertical farming movement realize its full potential.

See the full Microgrid Knowledge Industry Perspectives library for microgrid columns on today’s top microgrid challenges and opportunities. 

5. Microgrids: Achieving Reliable Power for Our Most Critical Facilities

As recent events have shown, power outages don’t discriminate, which puts hospitals and their patients at grave risk. Schneider Electric’s Andy Haun explores how healthcare microgrids can improve energy resiliency for medical facilities.

Microgrids for Airports: the Barriers and Solutions

Energy systems serving airports could benefit from microgrids, but this is not a common solution in the sector. Mehdi Ganji, smart cities vice president at Willdan Energy Solutions, discusses the barriers and solutions in an interview with Yasmin Ali, Microgrid Knowledge contributor.

7. Funding Microgrids: CAPEX versus OPEX

There are multiple approaches to funding microgrid projects. Eric Dupont, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at PowerSecure, discusses why CAPEX versus OPEX become important considerations in this interview with Yasmin Ali, Microgrid Knowledge contributor.

8. What’s Ahead for the Future of Microgrids?
S&C Electric

S&C Electric’s Stephanie Pine describes the future of microgrids as they become more advanced, renewable, standardized, scalable and cybersecure.

9. Why We Need Renewable Natural Gas

Joseph Sullivan, Concord Engineering’s vice president of energy policy and development, explores the importance of renewable natural gas in today’s energy markets, as well as potential sources and recent RNG legislation and regulation moves.

10. A Global Tour of Contrasting Microgrid and VPP Markets

Peter Asmus of Guidehouse explores the different drivers impacting microgrid and virtual power plant (VPP) uptake.

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