How You Can Help Shape the Future of Markets and Policy at Microgrid 2020 Global

Oct. 23, 2020
The shape, speed, and direction of microgrid growth depend upon policy and market opportunities to point the way. Here’s how you can help shape the industry’s future.

When industry leaders from across the globe gather virtually November 17-19 for Microgrid 2020 Global, discussions will be filled with expert insights and forecasts. The microgrid industry is rapidly accelerating, prices are plummeting, and all signs point to continued growth — but the shape, speed, and direction of that growth depend upon policy and market opportunities to point the way. 

That is why understanding the current policy landscape, as well as what is both plausible and probable, is crucial for companies looking to succeed. 

At Microgrid 2020 Global, we go even farther though — our attendees and participants play an incredibly important role in shaping the future markets.

And it starts as soon as you and your colleagues register for our free event.

Step One: Sign Up, and Be Heard

Everyone who registers for the virtual Microgrid 2020 Global conference is invited to complete a microgrid industry-wide survey that seeks to identify priorities, challenges and opportunities. Your responses provide vital data and will be combined with that of thousands of other participants to share the story of microgrids with policy and decision-makers.

Step Two: Engage and Learn

Over the course of three days, our virtual conference includes more than 100 expert speakers, workshops, interactive sessions, and CEO interviews. From leading companies implementing multinational growth strategies to innovative startups changing the competitive energy landscape, participants will gain a thorough understanding of where the industry is today and where leaders see microgrids heading in the next decade.

Step Three: Rock the Vote

On day three, equipped with the latest developments, opportunities and challenges and a host of new contacts and collaborators, Microgrid Knowledge will host a first-of-its-kind interactive session. 

Built from the thousands of industry survey responses and equipped with insight into the latest microgrid developments and opportunities, participants in the Policy and Markets Workshop (11 am ET, November 19) will play the role of priority arbiters.

Microgrid Knowledge has invited policy experts to distill down the industry’s survey responses, provide an overview of different priorities’ impacts, and invite attendees to vote live for the top federal, state, and local priorities for the microgrid industry.

From thousands of answers, to a handful of top responses, to…

Step Four: A Clarion Call

To close out the virtual conference, industry leaders will convene to deliver a call to action — clear and actionable priorities for the industry to build upon, together.

By bringing attention to these agreed upon priorities, microgrid companies are seeking to build a platform for collaboration where companies of all shapes and sizes can help shape the future of microgrid policy and markets.

We can’t wait to see all of you – virtually for now – at Microgrid Global 2020 and are excited to help bring this collaborative initiative to fruition.

Act today, register and complete your industry survey to help us take the first step into the future of microgrids.

See the full agenda for Microgrid 2020 Global here. Please note that registration is free, but space on the virtual platform is limited, so we urge you to register now.

Matt Roberts is the Director of Strategic Growth & Government Affairs at Microgrid Knowledge.

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