Today at the Microgrid Knowledge Virtual Conference: From Business to Education to the Clean Energy Revolution

June 2, 2020
Join us for a look at “Who Microgrids Serve: From Business to Education to the Clean Energy Revolution” on the second day of the Microgrid Knowledge Virtual Conference.

Join us for a look at “Who Microgrids Serve: From Business to Education to the Clean Energy Revolution” on the second day of the Microgrid Knowledge Virtual Conference.

With presentations from leading microgrid experts, today features six sessions.

10 am EDT: Staying the Course on Clean Energy in a Time of Societal Disruption, with:

  • Michael Bakas (Ameresco) Executive Vice President
  • Mark Martyak (PowerSecure) Chief Sales Officer
  • AJ Perkins (Instant ON) President

11 am EDT: Disaster Planning & Business: How Microgrids Help Commercial & Industrial Operations Improve Customer Service in a Crisis, with:

  • Allan Schurr (Enchanted Rock) Chief Commercial Officer: The Pressure of the Pandemic on Data Centers and the Role of Microgrids
  • Mike Byrnes (SourceOne) Chief Operating Officer: Keeping Retail Humming at Brooklyn, NY Shopping Plaza
  • Gregg Morasca (Schneider Electric) VP, Strategic Customers, US: Keeping Banks in Business: The Camuy Co-operative Savings and Loan Microgrid in Puerto Rico

Noon EDT: Protecting Communities & Vital Services with Smart Microgrids, with:

  • Arnela Smajlovic (Siemens Digital Grid) Product Manager of Microgrid Energy Management System: How a Smart Microgrid Controller Quietly Averted a Big Problem for Blue Lake Rancheria during COVID-19
  • Rick Bolton (Compass Energy) CEO: Enhancing Community Resilience with Microgrid-based Fleet Charging for Transit Authorities and Municipalities
  • Nathan Adams (ABB Power Grids) General Manager, North American Microgrids

1 pm EDT: Preparing the Next Generation: Microgrids as an Energy and Educational Resource for Universities, with:

  • Patrick Lee (PXiSE Energy Solutions) President and David Liebman (Sonoma County Junior College District) Energy & Sustainability Manager: Ensuring the Educational Mission in a Wildfire Zone
  • William Byun (University of California, San Marcos) Professor of Finance & James Bennett (Scylla Microgrid) President: How to Mobilize Students for University Microgrid Development
  • Kyle Gandy (DCO Energy) Department Manager, Electrical: Montclair State CHP/Microgrid – Concept to Reality

2 pm EDT: Utilities at the Forefront: Microgrids for Resilience, Customer Service, Cost Savings & Sustainability, with:

  • Bennett Chabot (Pacific Gas & Electric) Principal Product Manager Grid Innovation: Strategy for High-Impact Microgrids by California’s Largest Utility
  • Chuck Hookham (CMS Energy/Consumers Energy) Executive Director: Owning and Operating a Microgrid for Utility and Customer Education
  • Juan Rodriguez (Commonwealth Edison) Principal Project Manager: How a Chicago Community and Utility are Joining Forces to Achieve Energy

3 pm EDT: Electrifying and Microgridding Transportation Systems: A Natural Pairing, with:

  • Steve Pullins (AlphaStruxure) Chief Technology Officer, Development: Transformational Microgrids at Major US Transit Hubs
  • Mike Walton (Burns Engineering) Director: Why Airports are Ideal Locations for Resilient Microgrids
  • Kevin Self (Schneider Electric) SVP Strategy, Business Development & Government Affairs: Where and How Electrification will Drive Microgrid Development

Be sure to sign on for second day sessions early; we’ve had an overwhelming response to the conference, with several thousand registering.

The three-day event, June 1 -3, offers 15 sessions; you can participate in all, or choose from those that most interest you. Each session is just under an hour. The first 30 minutes offers presentations from speakers and the second half provides audience members with an opportunity to ask questions of speakers.

Titled “Microgrids as a Recovery Tool During Social and Economic Disruption,” the virtual conference is free for those who register. More details are available on the conference website.

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