What the Summer Heat Tells Us about Renewable Energy in Texas

Oct. 29, 2019
Microgrid Knowledge will explore issues surrounding ERCOT’s supply market and the state’s growing use of renewable energy in a free webinar at 1 pm CST, Tuesday, October 29. Join us!

It was a hot summer in Texas. Even into autumn the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) was urging customers to use less electricity. Given these events, and new renewable energy options, businesses in the state are — no doubt — thinking about their energy choices.

Microgrid Knowledge will explore issues surrounding ERCOT’s supply market and the state’s growing use of renewable energy in a free webinar, Renewables: The Emerging Case for Businesses in Texas, 1 pm CST, Tuesday, October 29.

Co-hosted by NRG Energy, the webinar will explore market dynamics within ERCOT that open new opportunities for businesses to save money and go green with renewable energy. 

These opportunities are particularly important given what’s happened this year in the ERCOT wholesale power market. The reserve margin, the cushion between supply and demand, fell to a historic low 7.4%. The summer saw electricity use spike and ERCOT declare an emergency alert and call for conservation. Next day prices reached record levels.

Three ERCOT experts from NRG Energy, one of the largest electricity suppliers in Texas, will explain what happened this summer, the influence of renewables on wholesale markets and how businesses can improve their energy position based on these dynamics.

 Renewables: The emerging case for businesses in Texas

Moderated by Elisa Wood, editor-in-chief of Microgrid Knowledge and co-founder of Real Energy Writers, the webinar will feature:

  • Bill Barnes, director of regulatory affairs, NRG
  • Steven Batchelder, director of origination, NRG
  • Bradford Pete-Hill, director of structured solutions, NRG

The discussion is designed for businesses that operate within Texas — or anyone interested in learning more about the state’s changing energy landscape as renewable energy use grows. Texas is already the number one state for wind power in the US. With 24.2 GW of installed wind capacity as of the beginning of 2019, it beats California — the state commonly viewed as the renewable leader — by four times. Texas also is emerging as a solar energy leader. The Solar Energy Industries Association forecasts its rise over the next five years from sixth position to third in the nation for the amount of solar capacity installed. 

To register for the free webinar, go to Renewables: The emerging case for businesses in Texas.

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