Limited Time, $350 Discount for Microgrid 2019 Early Bird Registration

Sept. 17, 2018
Register for Microgrid 2019 now and receive a limited-time $350 discount for the May 14-16 conference in San Diego, California, which will feature worldwide opportunities for microgrids, nanogrids, virtual power plants and energy storage.

Register for Microgrid 2019 now and receive a limited-time $350 discount for the May 14-16 conference in San Diego, California.

“Microgrid 2019: Shaping the New Electric Grid” follows Microgrid Knowledge’s highly successful conferences in New York City, Boston and Chicago, all part of the online publication’s mission to advance microgrids.

Set on the waterfront at one of San Diego’s newest luxury hotels, Microgrid 2019 will gather together energy and policy leaders who are setting direction as microgrids grow into a $30.9 billion industry.

The three-day event will feature worldwide opportunities for microgrids and related technologies, such as nanogrids, virtual power plants and energy storage.

Day 1 will delve into markets and policy; Day 2 will educate potential microgrid customers about distributed energy; and Day 3 will feature tours of real-world microgrids in San Diego, home to some of the most sophisticated projects.

“We selected California as site for Microgrid 2019 because of the state’s vibrant support for microgrids and distributed energy,” said Elisa Wood, editor-in-chief of Microgrid Knowledge. “The fifth largest economy in the world and a seedbed for innovation, California moves energy markets.”

Microgrid 2019 participants will range from top industry leaders to first-time microgrid customers seeking product information.

The event is geared for energy developers, utilities, engineering and consulting firms, government agencies, energy service companies, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, control and data specialists, attorneys, financial specialists, innovators and software companies, researchers, environmental advocates, and contractors, builders, architects and planners.

The conference also is expected to attract energy customers who use microgrids or are considering doing so, among them businesses, real estate developers, hospitals, colleges and universities, data center operators, military and public safety officials, communities, and port, transit and airport operators.

Reaching a Watershed Moment:” Microgrid 2018 Conference Feature Video

“Our microgrid conference series is now the premiere event within the industry, unique in that it promotes all forms of microgrids, independent of generation type, ownership model or manufacturer. This is in keeping with Microgrid Knowledge’s mission as the largest online information resource for the industry,” said Kevin Normandeau, publisher of Microgrid Knowledge.

Participants will have the opportunity to network extensively in an attractive setting — the InterContinental in downtown San Diego’s BRIC (Broadway and Pacific Highway) region. The venue also is within walking distance to some of the city’s most popular restaurants and in close proximity to the airport. Overlooking San Diego Bay, the hotel features ocean-view rooms and terraces.

Register for Microgrid 2019 now and save $350 on the premiere microgrid event of the year. The discount ends Jan. 31 2019, unless tickets sell out before that date. For sponsorship information, contact [email protected], 508-259-8570.

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