Are You Looking for Microgrid Financing?

March 27, 2018
Project developers are in search of microgrid financing. Financiers are in search of investment-grade projects. Now Microgrid 2018 will bring the two together in a newly launched program, the Microgrid Financing Connection.

Project developers are in search of microgrid financing. Financiers are in search of investment-grade projects. Now Microgrid Knowledge will bring the two together in a first-of-its-kind program for the microgrid industry.

Called the Microgrid Financing Connection, the initiative will be launched at Microgrid 2018 in Chicago May 7-9. At the conference, pre-screened project developers will have an opportunity to pitch their proposals in private meetings with four experienced financiers.

“If you think you have a dynamite project, this is the forum for you. You’ll be paired up with experts from the financing industry who want to listen to you pitch your project. These are real people with real money. Experienced financiers who are specifically looking for projects worthy of investing their funds,” said David Chiesa, S&C Electric‘s senior director for global business development on the Microgrid Financing Connection.  “If you’re struggling with financing – Do not miss this opportunity. I don’t know when you’ll ever have a better chance to move your project forward.” 

How the Microgrid Financing Connection works

To participate, developers should complete this application, which seeks basic project information. The application will then go through two layers of review.

First, a pre-screening committee will review the applications for completeness. Next, the pre-screening committee will submit applications to the financiers.The financiers will choose which of projects they would like to examine in more depth. Private 30-minute meetings will then be arranged between the chosen applicants and financiers, to be held at Microgrid 2018.

At the meetings, developers will have an opportunity to describe their projects in more detail and learn more about the requirements of the financiers.

In addition, Microgrid Knowledge will hold a by-invitation-only workshop at the event where financiers will offer insight into best strategies for winning financing.

Who can participate?

Any entity with a microgrid project in formal planning or development is welcome to apply. This might be a university, hospital, transportation center, real estate developer, government agency, community, business park, commercial or industrial facility, energy developer, utility or another business or organization planning a microgrid.

To participate in a private meeting with a financier, it is necessary to register for Microgrid 2018.

What are the deadlines?

Please fill out the application no later than April 27. There is no charge to apply.

A three-day event hosted by Microgrid Knowledge, Microgrid 2018 will feature expert speakers, lively panel discussions, in-depth workshops, technology forums, tours of active microgrids, vendor booths, and extensive networking opportunities. Register for the conference here.

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