PG&E Seeks Bids for Energy Storage, for Renewable Energy

Jan. 8, 2015
Pacific Gas & Electric seeks bids for energy storage as part of its January 5 solicitation for up to 1,600 GWh of renewable energy.

Pacific Gas & Electric seeks bids for energy storage as part of its January 5  solicitation for up to 1,600 GWh of renewable energy.

PG&E hopes to increase its renewable energy production while simultaneously adding energy storage capacity that can be counted towards its energy storage procurement targets.

The utility will only consider energy storage proposals that are compatible with eligible renewable energy generation. PG&E will consider any type of energy storage for this solicitation, but those technologies that integrate into the grid and are able to store renewable energy will likely be chosen. However, PG&E does not have to choose a project with storage capacity if the technology does not comply with existing technology and compliance standards.

To meet and sustain a 33 percent renewable portfolio standard (RPS) beginning in 2020, PG&E is seeking to procure up to 1,600 GWh of renewable energy under long-term power purchase agreements or renewable energy credit. PG&E may procure as little as zero GWh, or as much as 1,600 GWh of renewable energy.

PG&E’s current load forecast assumes substantial volumes of load will be served by community choice aggregation, direct access and distributed generation resources. If that load forecast is correct, PG&E says it will be well positioned to meet its 33 percent RPS requirement well into the middle of the next decade, and will have little or no RPS need at that time.

Proposals for stage 1 of the project are due by Jan. 28, 2015. Stage 2 is due by Feb. 4, 2015. For a complete schedule of due dates, check on the RFP page here.

All participants who are interested in submitting a bid package into PG&E’s 2014 RPS RFO will need to register with Power Advocate at the following link: Only those participants that have been accepted through the Power Advocate platform will be permitted to bid into this RFO.

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