Events that Shaped the Microgrid Industry in 2014

Jan. 2, 2015
Microgrids advanced from a prospect to a trending technology in 2014, as states offered more than $200 million to grow the industry. Here is a timeline of events that shaped the microgrid industry last year.

Here’s a look at events that shaped the microgrid industry in 2014, a pivotal year for the growing sector.

The timeline is made up of articles from and They show microgrids advancing from planning to action; from a prospect to a trending technology.

States crafted polices and offered more than $200 million in funds to get microgrids and related technologies built; the federal government awarded $8 million in grants and made $4 billion available in loan guarantees. Meanwhile, an increasing number of utilities and independent companies began operating in the market.

Here are the big developments, by the month.

Events that shaped the microgrid industry 1st quarter

January 2014

Money, Microgrids and More Green Tech Plans in Massachusetts

A bellwether state, Massachusetts formulates plans to modernize the electric grid. Governor Deval Patrick okays $40 million to help communities become more resilient against storms.

February 2014

Microgrid: Did I Just See Energy History Made in Atlanta?

The Microgrid Resources Coalition forms to advocate for microgrids.

March 2014

Connecticut Issues Second Microgrid Solicitation March 6

A front-runner in microgrid support, Connecticut releases its second microgrid solicitation, offering $15 million in funding.

Canadian Solar Opens Microgrid Test Center in Ontario

Canadian Solar, one of the world’s largest solar power companies, opens a microgrid test center in Ontario to share information and services with utilities, colleges, communities, and companies that want to develop microgrids.

Events that shaped the microgrid industry 2nd quarter

April 2014

New York “REVs” Up Microgrid with Big Plan

New York regulators begin work on Reforming the Energy Vision (REV), which promises to be one of the most far-reaching efforts to create a distributed energy, microgrid-friendly grid.

California Issues White Paper to Guide Microgrid Policy

California releases, Microgrids: A Regulatory Perspective, to guide for regulators and policymakers as they consider next steps in formulating rules and incentives.

May 2014

New Microgrid Alliance Forms…Second in Recent Months

A second industry group, the Microgrid Alliance,  forms to advocate for microgrids.

Massachusetts Offers $40M for Energy Resiliency, Microgrids

Massachusetts seeks applications for $40 million to create energy resiliency projects, including microgrids, to protect communities from power outages during severe weather.

Think Microgrid: How the Technology Has Changed its Stars releases its first ‘Think Microgrid’ report, a guide for policymakers, regulators and end users.

Navy Seeks Bidder Information for New Military Microgrid in San Diego

The US Navy seeks bidder information for a new military microgrid at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, California.

Maryland County Seeks Bids for Microgrid Projects by June 30

Montgomery County seeks bids for microgrid projects, designed to ward off long power outages and to green county facilities.

June 2014

Maryland Task Force Presses for Quick Action on Public Purpose Microgrid

A Maryland commission releases a detailed microgrid strategy for the state that focuses on buildings that serve critical needs.

Honeywell to Install New Military Microgrid at Fort Bragg

Honeywell in one stroke tackles the problems of both energy efficiency and security with a new $3.4 million military microgrid at Fort Bragg.

International Microgrid News…Africa, the Philippines

Africa’s largest self-sufficient solar microgrid is being developed on an island off Equatorial Guinea in west central Africa by Management & Economics Consulting (MAECI), GE and Princeton Power Systems.

Events that shaped the microgrid industry 3rd quarter

July 2014

California Offers Up to $26.5 Million in Microgrid Grants

The California Energy Commission offers up to $26.5 million projects that demonstrate ways to reduce carbon emissions and increase use of renewable energy and electric vehicles.

New York Utility Seeks Approval to Offer Microgrid Subscriptions

Central Hudson Gas & Electric seeks regulatory approval to offer microgrid subscriptions, as part of a $46 million rate hike request filed with state regulators July 25.

Schneider Electric and Green Energy Corp Team Up for Microgrid Expansion

The formation of a new duo – energy management giant and software innovator Green Energy Corp – signals the growing market for microgrids in North America.

Applications Open for $4B in Loan Guarantees for Energy Efficiency, Microgrids, Renewables

The US Department of Energy offers $4 billion in loan guarantees for energy efficiency, microgrid and renewable energy projects that avoid, reduce, or sequester greenhouse gases.

August 2014

NY Moves ahead with $40M Microgrid Competition

New York moves forward with a $40 million microgrid competition for communities, an idea introduced by Governor Andrew Cuomo in his state-of-the-state address in January.

Asia Pacific Microgrid Investments to Total $30.8B from 2014-2023: Navigant Research

Navigant Research forecasts Asia Pacific microgrid investments will total  $30.8 billion from 2014 to 2023, as demand for electrification and renewables grows in the region.

Vermont Utility Builds Microgrid to Revitalize City

Green Mountain Power begins building what is believed to be the US’ first solar microgrid in a brownfield landfill, part of project to revitalize Rutland City

September 2014

DOE Awards $8M for Microgrid Projects in Seven States

The Department of Energy Awards $8 million for microgrid projects  in Alaska, California, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Tennessee and Washington

Massachusetts Awards $7M for Community Microgrid & Resiliency Projects

Massachusetts awards $7.4 million for community microgrid and resiliency projects, part of a larger $40 million program

aimed at preventing power outages that could jeopardize critical services in towns and cities.

Oak Park Moves Ahead with $3M Community Microgrid; Hires Pecan Street

The village board of Oak Park, Ill. selects Pecan Street via a competitive bid to provide technical support for a community microgrid that will include 200 houses and residential buildings.

Canadian and South Korean Utilities Pair to Work on Microgrid Demonstration

Ontario utility PowerStream and Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) strike deal to work together on a microgrid demonstration project.

Energy Efficiency Markets launches First New Website Solely Devoted to Microgrids spins off a new website,, the first independent, international news and feature site dedicated solely to microgrids.

Events that shaped the microgrid industry 4th quarter

October 2014

Schneider Electric and FuelCell Energy Win in Connecticut Microgrid RFP

Projects planned by Schneider Electric and FuelCell Energy were among winners of $5.1 million in grants from the second Connecticut microgrid request for proposals.

Princeton Power Systems Reaches 500-Unit Milestone…Sign of Growing Local Energy Market

In another sign of the growing microgrid and local energy market, Princeton Power Systems reports that it has now manufactured and delivered more than 500 units of its grid-tied

S&C Electric Offers an Energy Storage Model for the PJM Ancillary Services Market

S&C Electric Company demonstrates how to serve  PJM’s ancillary services market with a 150-kW energy storage system located at its global headquarters in Chicago. Ancillary markets are seen as an important revenue source for microgrids.

NYPA Pursues Microgrids; Reinvents Its Mission for the New Grid

Gil Quiniones, the New York Power Authority president and CEO, reports that NYPA is poised for a “sea change,” and microgrids are part of the transformation.

November 2014

Microgrid Market Growth On Pace for Tripling of Capacity by 2020

Transparency Market Research forecasts that the 3.6 GW of microgrid capacity operating in 2013 will grow to 9.35 GW by 2020

Capstone Sees Business Uptick from Microgrids and CHP

Capstone Turbine reports an uptick in microturbine orders as a result of new interest in combined heat and power and microgrids in the United States.

New Jersey Offers Initial $65M from Resilience Bank for Microgrids at Water Plants

The New Jersey Energy Resilience Bank (ERB) begins accepting applications for microgrids and other distributed energy resources at critical facilities throughout the state.

December 2014

Massachusetts Awards $18.4M for Microgrids and Other Energy Resiliency Project

Massachusetts today awards $18.4 million for microgrids and other energy resiliency projects to keep the lights on when the grid is down.

Microgrid-enabling Technologies Market May Reach $155 Billion in Less than a Decade

World-wide investment in microgrid-enabling technologies may reach $155 billion within less than ten years, according to a recent report by Navigant Research.

NY Okays Consolidated Edison Microgrid and Other Unconventional Grid Fixes

New York regulators have okayed a Consolidated Edison microgrid plan and other non-traditional resources to solve problems typically fixed by more conventional means.

Don’t Wait. Get Going Now on Microgrids and Distributed Energy, say NY Regulators

State regulators call on utilities and other stakeholders to get to work now on microgrids and distributed energy demonstrations, rather than wait for final rules in its Reforming the Energy Vision, or REV process.

Ontario Microgrids & Smart Energy Get $24M Funding Boost

Ontario continues to show itself as smart energy leader, this time by channeling $23.7 million into 17 projects that promote microgrids, energy storage and other efficient and reliable electric technologies.

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