Five Most Read Microgrid Stories on

Nov. 26, 2014
Here are the five most read microgrid stories on during its first three months live.

Credit: Wikipedia is now three months old. So we wanted to take this opportunity to thank our readers and sponsors who have helped make our launch so successful.

We see the fast-growing microgrid industry as one of the greatest game changers — indeed society changers — in energy today. We’re dedicated to telling the industry’s story, uncovering its business and policy opportunities, and tracking the trajectory of its growth.

So what interests readers most about microgrids? Here’s the top five articles from’s first three months.

1. US Air Force Unveils World’s Largest Electric Vehicle-to-Grid Fleet

And so it begins. For years we’ve talked about the profound change the electric vehicle will bring to the power grid. And now, in Los Angeles the military will show how it’s done with the world’s largest vehicle-to-grid project to date.

2. How Cell Phones Are Driving Remote Microgrid Growth: UGE’s story 

A funny thing happened to Urban Green Energy (UGE) on the way to becoming a small wind turbine manufacturer.

3. Boston Wants to Build Microgrids. But What about Utility Franchise Rights?

Contrary to popular thinking, utility franchise rights aren’t a big obstruction to microgrids in Massachusetts.

4. Microgrid 101: A Non-geek Definition

A modern day microgrid is a mini-version of the electric grid – except usually smarter and more efficient.  But there is more to the microgrid story…

5. Think Microgrid: The Local Energy Revolution

A kind of collective ‘ah ha’ is driving North America toward a more distributed grid, what some call local energy. Businesses, industrial facilities, institutions and cities are realizing the value of taking control over their energy supply. This is a excerpt from our most recent Think Microgrid guide, The Energy Efficient Microgrid: What Combined Heat & Power and District Energy Bring to the Microgrid Revolution.

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