Do You Have Breaking News for Microgrid 2019?

April 25, 2019
Microgrid Knowledge plans to make a series of breaking news announcements from the stage of Microgrid 2019, May 14-16 in San Diego, California. Conference participants are invited to submit their news by May 10.

Microgrid Knowledge plans to make a series of breaking news announcements from the stage of Microgrid 2019, May 14-16 in San Diego, California.

We invite conference participants to submit their announcements for consideration no later than May 10 to [email protected]. Several conference participants already have informed us that they plan to unveil new microgrid projects or other news at the event.

News announcements will be made from the main stage of Microgrid 2019 and will simultaneously appear in Microgrid Knowledge.

“The growing interest in low cost, green and resilient energy has placed heightened attention on microgrids — and the industry’s annual conference galvanizes that interest. So it’s an excellent venue for getting out the word,” said Kevin Normandeau, publisher of Microgrid Knowledge.

Elisa Wood, editor-in-chief of Microgrid Knowledge, said that to qualify for stage time at Microgrid 2019, news stories must meet three main criteria. They must be:

  1. Truly breaking news. Stories released before the conference will not be considered
  2. Pertinent to microgrids or distributed energy
  3. Truly news, not public relations or product marketing

“What would qualify? A story about a newly announced microgrid project — or one that has secured financing, begun operation or achieved another major milestone — is a good example. We’ll also consider announcements of new business ventures, policy initiatives, legislation or reports or studies important to our audience,” Wood said.

Microgrid 2019 Breaking News is one of several special programs at the conference designed to accelerate adoption of microgrids. Others include:

  • The Microgrid Finance Connection: A matchmaking program that offers pre-qualified developers an opportunity to pitch their projects to financiers
  • Greater Good Awards: From 70 qualified applicants, three microgrid projects have been selected by independent judges for the societal benefits they provide. The winners will be announced at Microgrid 2019.
  • Pre-Conference Policy Workshop: Hosted by Microgrid Knowledge and Navigant, “Tariffs, Tax Incentives, RECs or Something Else? What’s the Way Forward for Microgrids?” brings together thought leaders for an afternoon of presentations, small group problem-solving sessions and participant polling. The goal is to produce guiding principles and next steps.

Microgrid 2019 also features two full days of discussions and panels, with more than 70 expert speakers, focusing on microgrid markets, projects, policy, finance, economics and technology. Potential microgrid customers have the opportunity to explore the largest number of vendor and product exhibits yet at a microgrid conference. The final day of Microgrid 2019 features tours of advanced microgrids in San Diego.

The event is being held at The InterContinental San Diego, a new waterfront hotel, conveniently located only three miles from San Diego International Airport.

Microgrid 2019: Shaping the New Electric Grid, is the the industry’s annual gathering hosted by Microgrid Knowledge, the number one resource for all things microgrid. Seats are filling but it’s still possible to register. More details are here.

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