New Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Plan to Garner $8B in Benefits…and other Quick Energy Efficiency News

Nov. 23, 2015
A new Massachusetts energy efficiency plan promises even greater savings…Connecticut board seeks energy efficiency consultants…Direct Energy combines home services and purchases Panoramic Power.

The new Massachusetts energy efficiency plan for 2016-2018 offers $8 billion in economic, environmental and energy benefits, according to information released by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

That amounts to three dollars for every dollar invested.

The state intends to cut electricity use by 2.93 percent and gas by 1.24 percent, based  on retail sales.

The new plan creates more aggressive energy savings goals than the previous three year plan — a 15 percent  increase in electric savings and a 10 percent  increase in gas savings.

Through its Green Communities Act, Massachusetts has a statutory mandate to achieve all cost-effective energy efficiency. This has helped the state rank #1 for five years in the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s (ACEEE) State Energy Efficiency Scorecard.

The 2016-2018 Massachusetts energy efficiency plan is now under review by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, which expects to rule on it before the end of January.


The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Board, which oversees conservation and load management programs funded by utility ratepayers, is seeking several technical consultants.

Through a recently issued request for proposals, the board seeks consultants that can assist with technical, residential, commercial and industrial, financial, marketing, research & development matters.

The work will run thoughout 2016; the board will have an option to extend the contract for two years. So proposals should include pricing for three years, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

An intent to bid is due November 30 and proposals on December 11. The board expects to conduct interviews December 14-22 and choose winners in January.

For more information contact Craig Diamond, EEB excecutive secretary, [email protected].

The 15-member energy efficiency board includes representatives of government agencies, business, consumer groups and utilities. It reports annually to state regulators, policymakers and lawmakers.


Direct Energy has combined its residential and home services divisions to create a single division, called Direct Energy Home.

The new division will focus on serving the entire home, and will provide energy services, energy efficiency solutions, connected home options and maintenance and protection plans.

“We’re already the market leader, serving three million customers with residential energy.  We are also one of the largest home services companies with our heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) businesses, plumbing, electrical and solar operations. I am confident that bringing together these two divisions will help enhance what we offer, so we can continue to make a difference in people’s lives,” said Direct Energy CEO Badar Khan.

Separately, Direct Energy also recently acquired for $60 million Panoramic Power, which offers device-level energy management for commercial and industrial customers.

Panoramic’s wireless, self-powered circuit-level technology uses cloud-based analytics to give businesses real-time visibility into the functioning of their equipment. Panoramic has deployed more than 25,000 sensors at 700 sites across 30 countries, and was  recently named one of the top 100 Internet of Things startups by Forbes magazine.

Direct Energy purchased Panoramic through its parent company Centrica.

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