Long Island Village Plans Microgrid; Issues RFP

March 22, 2015
A Long Island, N.Y. village is seeking engineering help to build a microgrid that will vie for funding in the $40 million NY Prize competition.

Village Hall, Freeport, NY. Credit: Ira Goldstein

A Long Island, N.Y. village is seeking engineering help to build a microgrid that will vie for funding in the $40 million NY Prize competition.

Freeport, a village of about 40,000 people in Nassau County, wants to build a microgrid to help secure power supply should another disaster hit like Superstorm Sandy, which walloped the village’s electric distribution system in 2012.

The New York State Energy & Research Development  Authority is now offering up to $5 million in feasibility funds in the first phase of the NY Prize competition. Those bids are due to NYSERDA May 15.

Because of the tight NY Prize deadline, Freeport seeks bids for engineering services no later than 4 p.m. ET, Tuesday, March 31.

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Freeport, located on southern Long Island, already operates its own distribution system along with two power plants that are interconnected with the Long Island Power Authority’s transmission system.

The village seeks proposals that address all phases of its microgrid project, but may contract with bid winners for individual phases or some combination of the phases.

Freeport will evaluate bids based on a 100 point scale, with the heaviest weight going to three categories: bidder experience developing a microgrid, investment backing, and total project cost. Each of these categories can receive up to 20 points.

The microgrid proposals also can win 1o points each for:

  • Team experience on Long Island, including a local presence.
  • Team skill in comprehensive development with personnel having experience in power engineering, commercial engineering, clean energy technology, transmission and distribution utility operations, working with regulators and project finance.
  • Team includes an experienced developer with a proven track record developing infrastructure projects.
  • A dedicated development platform focused on the implementation of microgrids within New York State.

The request for proposals is available at here.

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