MicroNews: DNV KEMA, RLS Logistics, Transformative Wave

Oct. 1, 2013
Energy efficiency news from DNV KEMA, RLS Logistics, Transformative Wave and Northeast Utilities

This week in energy efficiency news…

DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability has launched a customized energy storage valuation service for utilities. The service helps utilities meet energy storage and estimation requirements, like those created Sept. 3 in a preliminary ruling by the California Public Utilities Commission.  The program gives each utility expert engineering advice, customized analytic toolkits, a recommended energy storage portfolio, a feasible plan for scaled deployment, and a multi-year roadmap to adoption and compliance. “The service tells utilities what they need to know,” said Richard Fioravanti, a vice president at DNV KEMA. “It shows if, when, where, how large, and how to reach a payback point on energy storage investment. The simulation capabilities allow a utility to quickly run hundreds of scenarios in order to determine the optimum approach.”

More on DNV KEMA and its storage valuation capabilities

RLS Logistics completed a major lighting renovation at its Pittston, PA logistics center that will save about 678,931 kWh of electricity per year. Designed and installed by SmartWatt Energy, the SmartLighting system will have an equivalent effect as removing 795,872 pounds of carbon dioxide or planting 117 acres of trees, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculations.  SmartWatt installed high-performance T-8 fluorescents throughout office space and LEDs throughout refrigerated and freezer warehouse rooms. The superior performance of the new lighting system enabled SmartWatt to install fewer fixtures, which further reduced energy demand. After the installation, the facility operates with reduced cost while simultaneously providing improved lighting.

More on RLS Logistics’ installation at its Pittston, PA logistics center

Transformative Wave announced a partnership with Northeast Utilities to help its commercial and industrial customers achieve major energy savings using CATALYST, a complete HVAC energy efficiency upgrade for existing constant volume HVAC systems. The recent approval by the Massachusetts Technology Assessment Committee allows Northeast Utilities to provide incentives for the CATALYST as a control technology for rooftop HVAC units. CATALYST pre-wired kits reduce energy use for commercial and industrial customers’ by 25 to 40 percent. Additionally, Transformative Wave’s eIQ Platform is a web interface that provides customers with real-time visualization and interaction with CATALYST HVAC units, allowing for performance verification, fault alerts, remote set point adjustment and scheduling.

More on Transformative Wave’s partnership with Northeast Utilities

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