Model-Driven Microgrid Design

May 6, 2021
Download this guide to learn more about ETAP microgrid controller.

ETAP microgrid controller is founded based on a model-driven approach, digital twin technology, and dedicated software development framework that is a combination with ETAP software that significantly simplifies the development and testing of microgrid control functions as well as performing microgrid design and control studies. This controller offers various built-in functions such as Optimal Dispatch, Planned Islanding, Unplanned Islanding, Islanding Operation, Black Start, Reconnect, Renewable Smoothing, and Reactive Power Control to manage microgrid in both grid-connected and islanded modes as well as facilitating seamless transition between both modes.

A microgrid is a cluster of interconnected Distributed Generations (DGs), loads, and Energy Storage Systems (ESSs) that can operate in grid-connected and islanded modes. Compared to a single DG, the microgrid can provide more significant technical advantages, control flexibilities, economical operation, and better means of improving energy efficiency. Dispatchable resources, especially energy storage systems, are vital assets to enable microgrid operation in islanded mode. Besides, energy storage systems can maximize and facilitate seamless integration of renewable energy resources by controlling the microgrid import/export power at the point of interconnection (POI). This allows microgrids to be more like conventional loads from the electric grid perspective. To manage and control microgrid dispatchable assets in both grid-connected and islanded modes and transition between these two operation modes, a microgrid control system is required to determine dispatchable quantities based on various possible objectives constraints. A microgrid control system can be implemented in a centralized or distributed manner. In a typical configuration, the microgrid control system is realized by a microgrid controller that is located close to the microgrid POI. This controller communicates with local controllers that directly or indirectly control microgrid dispatchable assets as well as POI IEDs or circuit breakers and other IEDs, switches, or breakers within the microgrid