A unique power plant in the Brazilian rainforest

May 6, 2021
Download this case study to learn more about a Brazilian rainforest project that combines three energy resources and provides power for 24,000 people.

A unique power plant in the Brazilian rainforest combines three energy sources and provides 24,000 people with green and reliable power.

The French global player in renewable energies Voltalia powers Brazilian remote off-grid community with electricity from its hybrid power plant that combines three energy sources, including solar power.

Surrounded by mangroves and rain forest, Oipoque is situated in the northernmost part of Brazil and is a remote community, counting 24,000 inhabitants.  The frontier city is not connected to the national grid and highly dependent on having a power producer that can supply power non-stop 365 days a year, 24/7.

“In 2014, Voltalia won a tender to supply electricity to Oipoque, standing out as the only company that could offer a hydro/thermal mixed project, producing a cleaner and cheaper electricity than the one generated by the diesel generators.  In 2017, it wad decided to extend the power plant with 4 MWp (3.3 MW AC) solar unit.”

The intention was to optimize the infrastructure and operating cost of the the plant by reducing the use of diesel fuel for electricity generation.  Besides, the solar unit would enable Voltalia to deliver greener electricity production for the citizens of Oiapoque.