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Microgrids for Retail Report: How Retailers Can Increase Electric Reliability

Aug. 30, 2019
A special report from Microgrid Knowledge explores how microgrids and distributed energy resources can increase efficiency, resiliency and reliability at a variety of different types of businesses in the retail sector.

Businesses lose billions of dollars every year from loss of power. When those businesses are retail stores, the community also suffers. Food and water become scarce. Essential goods are difficult to find. And it can be hard to get around if gasoline is unavailable. Further, customers lose confidence in businesses when they close during normal business hours. In today’s digital economy, customers expect convenience and instantaneous service.

Many retailers use only backup generators as a safeguard, but backup generators can fail without regular maintenance.

This report explains how microgrids can be a more reliable source of backup power that also provide a range of electrical services for the grid. It also explains how microgrids have become affordable for many businesses via energy-as-a-service contracts. That means retail stores do not have to make a large capital outlay to secure a reliable backup system.

In a world where power outages are increasing in occurrence due to hurricanes, wildfires and extreme storms, retail businesses must be equipped to protect themselves, their customers and their communities. Learn how in in this special report on microgrids for retailers.