Camp Roberts to Issue Resiliency Solicitation

Jan. 3, 2020
The US Department of Defense intends to issue solicitation in early January for a contract to provide energy resiliency at Camp Roberts in Monterey, California.

The US Department of Defense intends to issue an energy resiliency solicitation in early January for a project at Camp Roberts in Monterey, California.

The project will also include the Army Signal Activity-Camp Roberts.

The military installation will seek firm-fixed price bids for contracts up to 30 years. Specifically, the contract covers “provisioning, production, purchase, and delivery of secure, reliable, locally-generated electricity,” according to pre-solicitation notice.

The solicitation envisions an on-site contractor-constructed energy production facility (EPF).

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The contract will require construction of the energy plant, production and delivery of the energy, and the removal of the plant before the contract expires.

The solicitation (Notice ID SPE060420R0402) will be released by the Army Office of Energy Initiatives, Camp Roberts, California National Guard, and the Defense Logistics Agency Energy (DLA Energy).

To track release of the solicitation, check beta.SAM. An industry day is planned for early–mid February 2020 at Camp Roberts.

The solicitation contact is Chris Archer, [email protected].

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