Resource Page: Microgrid Beginners

Dec. 20, 2022
New to microgrids? This list of articles and resources is a great place to start if you're looking to understand what microgrids are and how they can help your business achieve its energy and sustainability goals.

It seems like everyone is talking about microgrids these days. Perhaps you've heard that the Inflation Reduction Act has a provision that will make microgrids cheaper and accessible to more businesses. Or maybe someone told you about the energy independence and resilience a microgrid can provide. Perhaps a microgrid's ability to help you meet your sustainability goals is what intrigues you. 

No matter how you first heard about microgrids, you no doubt have questions.

If you're a microgrid beginner – or you know someone hungry to learn about this exciting technology – Microgrid Knowledge offers a number of great resources, some of which we've collected below. This curated list of articles and resources is a great place to start if you're looking to understand what microgrids are and how they can help your business achieve resilience, its energy budget and sustainability goals.

Articles on microgrid basics

These articles will help you get up to speed on the basics of microgrids.

5 common questions about microgrids answered

Read this article for short explanations and high level information. If you want to know what microgrids are, the role they play in a power outage, who uses microgrids, what the different types of microgrids are, or how to finance a microgrid, this is a great place to start. If you want to dive deeper, it also provides links to articles, webinars, videos, white papers and special reports on different aspects of microgrids. 

Microgrid benefits: Eight ways a microgrid will improve your operation … and the world

Microgrids serve industries, institutions, communities and other customers in a range of ways. Here we look at eight main microgrid benefits – from keeping the lights on in a storm to lowering energy costs to improving community well-being.

Who uses microgrids and why?

As the fledgling microgrid industry matures, the technology’s advantages become apparent in more applications. Here we describe what types of businesses and institutions commonly use microgrids and why.

Videos on microgrid basics

If video is more your style, check out Microgrids Now. This short video explains microgrids and how they are a game changer for the US energy grid.

Microgrid projects

If you want learn about real-life microgrids, in development or operation, this resource is a great place to start: Microgrid projects.

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