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Microgrids created electric sanctuaries amidst the devastation of Hurricane Ian

Oct. 7, 2022
Look at all of the microgrids that kept the power flowing, often to vital services, while Hurricane Ian pummeled the electric grid.

Exploring the Potential of Community Microgrids Through Three Innovative Case Studies

April 8, 2024
Community microgrids represent a burgeoning solution to meet the energy needs of localized areas and regions. These microgrids are clusters of interconnected energy resources,...

Colorado Gov. Polis signs bills to create microgrid roadmap, offer rural grants

June 7, 2022
The Colorado effort does more than just create a microgrid road map. The legislation calls for removing barriers to microgrid development, such as rights of way issues and rate...
Site of minigrid in Uganda, courtesy Power For All.

Will Utility Partnerships in Minigrid Projects Help Overcome Electrification Barriers in Uganda?

June 18, 2021
In Uganda, numerous challenges stand in the way of providing reliable electricity. But a pilot minigrid project aims to help overcome the roadblocks.

Serendipity — and Generous Donors — Helped the Footprint Project Bring Solar to Desperate Texans

March 15, 2021
Oscar Ruiz arrived in Texas Feb. 19 for another reason, but he quickly became the point person for the Footprint Project, as it built emergency clean energy systems for desperate...
Photo courtesy Global Himalayan Expedition

Built With Frugal Innovation, Solar Microgrids Improve Medical Care in the Himalayas

Feb. 5, 2021
Global Himalayan Expedition is bringing solar microgrids to medical centers in the Himalayas, which will allow for vaccine storage, baby warmers, ventilators and other items that...
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Microgrid Tariff Proposed by Hawaiian Electric Faces Industry Criticism

May 8, 2020
A microgrid tariff proposed by Hawaiian Electric is receiving mixed reviews as the state attempts to break new ground in creating microgrid compensation.
Solar on a school at the Santa Rita Union School District, photo courtesy NantEnergy

Updated: What Worked and What Didn’t at Six School Microgrids in California

May 1, 2020
Salinas, California set out out to build six school microgrids two years ago as models for others. Today the project offers what schools do best — lessons — but not only about...
Photo by Rocky Grimes/Shutterstock.com
Photo by Rocky Grimes/Shutterstock.com

Alaska, Model of Microgrid Development, Delivers Resiliency in Cold, Remote Conditions

July 16, 2019
Alaska’s challenges — cold weather and the high cost of delivered energy — are part of the reason the state is a model of innovative microgrid development, with the largest number...