Report Shows Mission-Critical Enterprises Increasingly Turn to Microgrids to Enhance Energy Reliability

Sept. 24, 2019
More and more, mission-critical enterprises are using microgrids with on-site power systems to ramp up energy reliability, efficiency and sustainability. Here’s why.

More and more, mission-critical enterprises are using microgrids with on-site power systems to ramp up energy reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

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Why? As technology advances, power outages are simply unacceptable at military bases, health-care facilities, data centers, distribution centers and more.

A new report from PowerSecure, a subsidiary of Southern Company, points out that a power disturbance or outage that is literally faster than the blink of an eye can “damage equipment, ruin products, slow or halt employee productivity, inconvenience customers, and even compromise safety and security.”

In other words, “Power reliability is not an option; it is a necessity,” according to PowerSecure, which has been designing, building, installing, and maintaining nearly 2.5 GW of turnkey mission-critical power solutions for 20 years.

Microgrids leverage multiple fuel assets consisting of renewables, energy storage, fuel cells and generator assets, and they serve two distinct tasks, according to the report:

  1. Standby Generation: When a utility outage occurs, controls provide power to customers within seconds to maintain a steady-state operation until the local utility restores service.
  2. Load Management: Microgrids can provide a number of utility-driven load management functions that allow customers to save on energy expenses. “In many locations, load management can be used to generate revenue or bill credits by providing critical distribution grid services to the local utility,” the report states.

 Mission-critical enterprises use microgrids with on-site power systems to achieve the highest possible reliability. 

The new report also explores what energy reliability really means through the following best practices:

  • Reliability starts with high quality equipment
  • Reliability improves with automated 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Reliability must be measured

Download the full report, “PowerSecure’s Commitment to On-Site Power Reliability,” from PowerSecure.

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