Microgrid Technical Challenges to Consider When Planning a Microgrid Project

Nov. 28, 2016
Many microgrid technical challenges are the standard issues that come up in any complex electric power system. Others are unique. As you plan your microgrid project, know about these common technical challenges.

Many microgrid technical challenges are the standard issues that come up in any complex electric power system project, while others are unique.

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As you plan your microgrid project, be sure to consider technical challenges such as:

  • Voltage and frequency stability. Correct microgrid design requires resources and the microgrid control system to correctly respond to changes in loads or sources.
  • Fault clearing/coordination. Available fault currents and preferred or required breaker tripping sequences can be very different in island and grid-connected operating modes. Protective device coordination must account for the variety of microgrid topologies and source availabilities.
  • Microgrid arc flash hazards. Microgrid installations produce the same arc flash hazards that other power generation and delivery installations do. Plan to analyze and label these as part of any new microgrid project.
  • Cyber security and physical security. Plan to protect valuable equipment and intellectual property.
  • Air quality permits. Traditional backup power generation air quality may have restrictive limits on the number of operating hours per year allowed.

These microgrid technical performance challenges are most cost-effectively addressed at the project start. Download the white paper on Microgrid Technical Challenges for a table of common issues and their impacts.

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