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BWR Innovations Chosen to Deliver PEM Fuel Cells for Hawaii Base Microgrid H2 Integration

May 2, 2024
Global Connective Center LLC granted BWR Innovations the two-year subcontract as part of an agreement with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Microgrid...

Propane Is a Sustainable Choice for Growing Microgrid Need

July 2, 2024
Construction professionals rely on propane’s lower emissions and enhanced resiliency
Eco Wave Power

Wave-Powered Microgrid to be Developed on Remote Thai Island

Feb. 8, 2024
The microgrid, which will be developed by a consortium of tech companies and universities, will include onshore wave energy converters, a wireless distributed energy management...
Lisa Cohn

Four Challenges Slowing the Transition to Distributed Energy Resources – From Oregon Industry Players

Dec. 26, 2023
To hasten the clean energy transition, the industry should diversify supply chain components, create interoperability standards, speed software innovation and train workers, panelists...

The Renewable Grid: Challenging the Status Quo - Part 2

Dec. 18, 2023
Jim Bishop, vice president of advanced technology solutions at Ameresco, discusses complementing renewables for grid interactive loads
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Ohio Data Center Microgrid Launched as Proof of Concept

Oct. 27, 2023
The 1-MW project will demonstrate how microgrids can help data center operators meet their ever-growing demand for power.
Eddie Dellamary
Residents of Hughes, Alaska next to solar installation (source: Eddie Dellamary)

Empowering Alaska Towns to Take Control of Their Energy and Lower Diesel Use in Microgrids

Aug. 18, 2023
In Alaska, many small towns are affected by climate change, and also contribute to it by using diesel generators. In two towns, controls and grid sensors are helping boost renewables...
Idaho National Laboratory
INL's net-zero microgrid program

Interest in Small Nuclear Reactors Is Increasing. What’s Their Role in Microgrids?

Aug. 14, 2023
Eighty carbon-free small nuclear reactors are being designed. Xendee, which models the reactors along with other energy resources, is seeing plenty of interest. But with disposal...

How to Overcome Hurdles to the Deployment of EV Infrastructure

Aug. 10, 2023
Three major takeaways from a survey on the EV charging infrastructure market