Most Read Industry Perspective Columns of 2018: Energy Storage, Microgrid Financing, EVs

Dec. 17, 2018
Articles on electric vehicles, energy-as-a-service and energy storage drew the largest number of readers to Microgrid Knowledge’s Industry Perspectives column in 2018. S&C Electric, Dynamic Energy Networks, Ameresco, NRDC and AFCOM provided the most read contributions.

Over the course of each year, energy leaders from throughout the spectrum of microgrid industries offer insight to our readers through the Microgrid Knowledge Industry Perspectives column.

The column features experts from leading companies and organizations, among them AmerescoDynamic Energy Networks, Eaton, S&C ElectricSchneider Electric, Siemens, Veolia and many more.

The top five Industry Perspectives for 2018 covered topics ranging from energy storage and energy-as-a-service to electric vehicles and data centers.

See below for the five most-read Industry Perspective columns on Microgrid Knowledge last year, starting with the most popular:

The Value of Energy Storage in Microgrids
Chris Evanich, manager of microgrids, S&C Electric

Chris Evanich, manager of microgrids, S&C Electric

Advanced systems, like microgrids provide resiliency, security, and cost savings. Regardless of the grid’s operation mode in which a microgrid is operating, energy storage plays a key role in the success of the system. Microgrids with energy storage are cost-effective solutions to lower overall energy costs and improve the grid’s resiliency. This innovative technology has changed the investment and design strategies of electric utilities and commercial users… Read more. 

The Spectrum of Resiliency – What Role Does Energy Storage Play in a Microgrid?
Benjamin Lavoie, product development engineer, Ameresco

Energy storage should be viewed as a valuable asset that can provide significant added benefits to a microgrid. By providing instantaneous power generation, introducing the ability to absorb and discharge power, and helping to maintain power quality of an islanded system, storage systems can serve as the glue that holds the microgrid together while generating value during normal grid-tied operation. Facilities considering energy resiliency solutions should look for independent and experienced partners to help assess, design, implement, and operate a successful solution that integrates their existing assets, risk tolerance, mission, and cost objectives… Read more. 

The Time Has Come for a New Approach to Energy-as-a-Service
Karen Morgan, president and CEO of Dynamic Energy Networks (DEN)

Predictability of pricing and sustainability are factors causing many executives to reassess the way they approach energy. Many question why they are in the energy producing business at all. Fortunately, new models have emerged to meet these needs. A unique synthesis of financial and technology innovations have come together to address the challenges executives face as they seek to reduce risk and ensure energy resilience, sustainability and price predictability… Read more. 

Karen Morgan, president and CEO of Dynamic Energy Networks

Why Data Centers Are Slow to Adopt Microgrids (And Why That Will Change)
John Heiderscheidt, president of the Chicago AFCOM Chapter, and the chief compliance officer for MDI Access

People and businesses rely on connectivity the same way they rely on electricity, water, and even oxygen. Instantaneous modes of communication and commerce are far more than amenities of a modern age. They are major components of our national and global commercial ecosystem. In a world more threatened than ever by intense natural disasters, or the risks of man-made disasters, the microgrid is a cost of doing business for some organizations. Hospitals and Universities have been some of the early adopters of microgrid solutions, for much of the same reason data centers will begin to adopt them — in a connected world, there’s just no room for downtime… Read more. 

Using EVs Instead of Stationary Batteries Could Save Billions
Pamela MacDougall, science fellow at NRDC and Vignesh Gowrishankar, director of NRDC’s energy and transportation program

Our clean energy future will require more energy storage to help ensure the lights stay on when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. Your shiny new electric vehicle may also become an important type of battery for our power grid. California going forward should recognize the enormous benefits of leveraging EVs as a grid resource in its considerations of storage needs, and actively explore how to realize the full potential of both V1G and V2G… Read more.

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