UL’s HOMER to present thought leadership at Microgrid 2022

March 29, 2022
In collaboration with Microgrid Knowledge, experts from UL’s HOMER will present thought leadership at Microgrid 2022, to be held June 1-2 in Philadelphia.

Microgrid 2022: Microgrids as Climate Heroes,  expected to be the largest global gathering of the microgrid community yet, will feature thought leadership from UL’s HOMER Microgrid Conference, according to a recent announcement.

The focus of Microgrid 2022, produced by Microgrid Knowledge, is how microgrids keep power flowing during climate disasters, while also fostering cleaner, cheaper and more equitable energy. The conference will feature more than 60 speakers participating in panel discussions, breakout sessions and workshops.

As part of the collaboration with Microgrid Knowledge, experts from HOMER will present case study-focused technical presentations detailing how to model microgrids with HOMER modeling software to find the lowest cost solution.

“We are thrilled to make our leading conference even stronger through this collaboration,” said Kevin Normandeau, Microgrid Knowledge publisher. “The HOMER conference has long delivered high quality thought leadership and technical content that will add value to attendees of Microgrid 2022 and beyond.”

Lilienthal added, “As microgrids command center stage in the clean energy transition, the time is right for the leaders in microgrid education to work together to further the rapid advancement of microgrids.”

UL’s HOMER conference has a near decade-long legacy in the microgrid industry. It began as a gathering for early users of HOMER software and pioneers in renewable energy to engage with and learn from leading experts in the field and one another.

Microgrid 2022 will be held June 1-2 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is expected to be the largest in-person conference to date in the Microgrid Knowledge conference series. In addition to HOMER’s thought leadership, other speakers will discuss microgrid innovation and adoption by businesses, communities, utilities, campuses, the military and others.

Register for the conference on Microgrid 2022.

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