Top Microgrid White Papers of 2018 Cover Financing, Operation, Clean Energy & More

Dec. 19, 2018
Microgrid Knowledge offers a library of industry white papers and reports that we update regularly. Topics most viewed in 2019 included microgrid financing, clean energy microgrids, business models, electrical reliability and more.

Microgrid Knowledge offers a library of industry white papers and reports that we update regularly. Top microgrid whitepapers for 2018 — those downloaded the most — covered microgrid financing, clean energy microgrids, business models, electrical reliability and more.

The most popular reports came from Siemens, Schneider Electric, Eaton, Ameresco, Enchanted Rock and Enbala.

Below you will find the top microgrid white papers of 2018, as measured by downloads on Microgrid Knowledge.

#1: Microgrid Knowledge Special Report on Microgrid Financing
Siemens & Microgrid Knowledge
In this report Siemens describes how to quantify the value of a microgrid which makes it easier to obtain microgrid financing. Read more about microgrid financing in the Microgrid Knowledge special report, “How Microgrids Can Achieve Maximum Return on Investment (ROI): The Role of the Advanced Microgrid Controller.” Download.

The Microgrid Knowledge Special Report on Microgrid Financing – Download it Now.

#2: The Rise of Clean Energy Microgrids & Why They Make Sense
Ameresco & Microgrid Knowledge
Renewable energy now provides almost one-fifth of US electric generation, and federal analysts forecast that it will be the fastest growing source of electricity over the next two decades. This report, brought to you by Ameresco, covers why microgrids make sense for today’s hospitals, higher education institutions, military and government, and businesses. Download.

#3: How to Design and Operate a Microgrid
This paper describes how to design and operate a microgrid by examining a microgrid installed for the US Department of Defense at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The microgrid is composed of two natural gas generators, a battery energy storage inverter, renewables, and a static switch. Download.

#4: How Microgrids Enable Optimal Cooperation Among Distributed Energy Resources
Schneider Electric
When connecting on-site generation and storage assets with traditional grid energy, specific technologies must be incorporated to ensure the highest standard of protection and control. To Learn more about new technologies enabling optimal DER integration, download this white paper. Download.

#5: Microgrid Benefits and Example Projects
Schneider Electric
Microgrid benefits encompass better resiliency, easier access to energy through a less capital-intensive, modular, scalable solution that is quicker to implement, more choice around when and how to interact with the grid and energy cost optimization. Microgrids are already a reality with numerous success stories.. Download.

#6: The Affordable Microgrid: Securing Electric Reliability through Outsourcing
Enchanted Rock & Microgrid Knowledge
In this report Enchanted Rock compares the cost of power outages with the associated economic value of electric reliability. We also offer real-world examples of how microgrids, using the reliability-as-a-service model, performed in Texas during Hurricane Harvey, keeping the lights on in stores and service stations for both customers and first responders in an otherwise darkened landscape. Download. 

#7: Microgrid Business Models and Value Chains
Schneider Electric
The new energy industry is working to categorize the various types of microgrid business models. The primary goal is to minimize microgrid system costs such as project development, system design, commissioning, service, support, and funding. Microgrid categories will help promote standardized designs – which will enable repeatable, modular, and scalable systems. Download. 

#8: Microgrid Solutions Sustain Energy Supply – Even when the Grid is Off
Diesel generator sets, renewable energy resources, fuel cells, battery storage, natural gas generators, or combined heat and power typically power microgrids. Photovoltaic and battery technologies are economically viable and can provide sustainable electricity, fueling the growth for microgrid applications. To learn more about clean, efficient sustainable power download this white paper. Download. 

#9: Creating a 21st Century Utility Grid with DERMS and VPPs
Enbala & Microgrid Knowledge
One way for utilities to address the distributed energy resources challenge is by taking advantage of DERMS and VPPs. This Microgrid Knowledge Special Report, brought to you by Enbala, identifies distributed energy resource challenges and explains how DERMS and VPPs address them. Download.

#10: Microgrid Implementation Challenges and Key Technologies
Schneider Electric
Microgrids generally include a mix of power generation, storage and static conversion technologies. The challenge is to ensure stable conditions with not only rotating inertia given by traditional generators, but also PV, wind and Electrical Energy Storage System static converters. Download. 

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