10 Most Read Microgrid White Papers Illustrate Evolving Market

Jan. 26, 2018
Popular topics among Microgrid Knowledge’s Top 10 microgrid white papers range from energy modernization to solar and storage. See what your peers were reading in 2017, and learn more about topics like clean energy microgrids, microgrid control systems, fuel cells and more.

Watching what people read can provide insight into market direction. So we thought we’d take a look at what white papers in our library attract the most attention. Here we share with you what we discovered. Microgrid Knowledge’s Top 10 microgrid white papers of 2017 capture topics from energy modernization to solar and storage. 

Readers last year were interested in the business of microgrids, but also how they make sense for todays companies and critical infrastructures — as well as how to optimize their resiliency potential. The Microgrid Special Report Series was also a popular resource in 2017.

In looking through the Top 10 microgrid white papers of 2017, readers will have free access to insight and analysis from industry partners like Siemens, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Schneider Electric and Dynapower.

See what your peers were reading in 2017, and learn more about topics like clean energy microgrids, microgrid control systems, fuel cells and more:

Energy Modernization through Microgrids: The Business Case for Microgrids

One of the big focuses of current energy modernization efforts are the development of microgrids, or discrete energy system consisting of distributed energy sources and loads capable of operating in parallel with, or independently from, the main grid. Download the report to learn more about microgrid benefits that extend to utilities and the community at large.

Duke Energy Builds Microgrid Control System

Duke’s key requirement for its proposed microgrid was that it use standard Duke Energy distribution equipment and off-the-shelf components as opposed to specialized devices. Download this case study to learn more about how Duke Energy built a microgrid control system with standard power system components.

Microgrid Business Models and Value Chains

The new energy industry is working to categorize the various types of microgrids and business models. The primary goal is to minimize microgrid system cost and funding.  To learn more about microgrid business modes and value chains, download this white paper.

The Potential of Solar Plus Energy Storage

A few of the top 10 microgrid white papers of 2017 focused on the potential of microgrid energy storage—specifically, solar plus energy storage. New cost effective approaches are making these storage options more affordable for today’s businesses as the need for long-duration storage assets grows:

Solar Plus Energy Storage Comparing System Options

Solar is good, yet solar plus energy storage can be great. However it is important to understand the options for adding energy storage if you want to maximize energy production and revenues from utility scale PV arrays. Download this white paper to learn more on finding the optimal system for adding energy storage.

Solar Plus Storage: A Guide to Maximizing Production and Profit With a DC Converter

New cost-effective approaches of coupling energy storage to existing PV arrays with a DC-to-DC converter can help maximize production and profits for existing and new utility-scale installations. Six distinct solar plus storage use cases are discussed in this paper.  To learn more about these use cases, download this guide.

Microgrid Energy Storage Beyond Four Hours

This paper aims to capture and foster current thinking on new and emerging use cases for microgrid energy storage, and in particular the growing need to combine energy and power applications into a single flexible and valuable long-duration storage asset. Download this paper that makes the case that all-iron flow batteries can meet the requirements that developers have for a long-duration storage asset that is safe, low-cost, and flexible today and into the future.

Microgrid Special Reports Popular in 2017

The Microgrid Special Reports Series were a popular resource item on Microgrid Knowledge in 2017. Four of the reports were even in the group of top 10 microgrid white papers of 2017. Read more on clean energy microgrids, fuel cells, microgrids in health care and more:

The Rise of Clean Energy Microgrids & Why They Make Sense

All microgrids offer greater electric reliability. But the clean energy microgrid does more. It also reduces carbon emissions and helps organizations reach sustainability goals. Download the report from Microgrid Knowledge that covers why clean energy microgrids make sense for hospitals, higher education institutions, military and government, and businesses.

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Special Report on Fuel Cell Microgrids

Navigant Research forecasts strong, growing demand for both fuel cells and microgrids over the next several years. Worldwide, fuel cell installations are expected to increase more than 10-fold, from 262 MW installed in 2016 to over 3,000 MW nine years later. Download the special report written by the editors of Microgrid Knowledge explores why fuel cell microgrids are on the rise, how they save energy cost, and improve electrical reliability.

Microgrid Knowledge Special Report on Healthcare Microgrids

The senior population is on a path to double in the U.S, and even triple in Europe. This creates pressure to expand hospitals, healthcare networks, assisted living facilities, adult day care and nursing homes. Learn how a microgrid makes these facilities more resilient and valuable to the communities they serve along with no money down strategies. Download this special report now.

Reciprocating Engine Generators and Microgrids: The Last Defense Against a Power Outage

Reciprocating engine generators are becoming increasingly important to help solve three contemporary energy problems. The guide to Reciprocating Engine Generators and Microgrids explores the growing role that reciprocating engine generators play in solving these three problems.

For access to more of the latest white papers and special reports on Microgrid Knowledge, click here. 

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