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Driving the Future: Optimised EV Charging with Microgrids

May 3, 2023
The use of renewable energy to charge EVs is crucial to ensure the environmental benefits of EVs are fully realized. This is where microgrids can help profoundly, supplying reliable and resilient power and relieving the grid from peak demands.

A hybrid microgrid charging station can charge vehicles without any additional power drawn from the mains, as they can operate in isolation from the grid. Any excess power they generate that is not needed for powering EVs can either be stored for future use or exported back to the grid to benefit other users. 

By reading this paper you will learn about:

  • Benefits of using microgrids to charge EVs
  • How smart microgrids work (Vehicle-to-grid and Grid-to-vehicle connectivity)
  • A case study about an EV-Integrated Microgrid in Singapore

Download the full-length white paper below. 

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