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Schneider Electric Helps the Military Build Resilient and Sustainable Facilities through Microgrids

Oct. 13, 2023
Curt “Kibbles” Ebitz, strategic account executive at Schneider Electric discusses how Schneider Electric helps the military build resilient and sustainable facilities to help ...

Propane Is a Sustainable Choice for Growing Microgrid Need

July 2, 2024
Construction professionals rely on propane’s lower emissions and enhanced resiliency
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QuickChat: Unlocking Microgrid Potential: The Power of Standardization

Oct. 5, 2023
Join Rod Walton and Bala Vinayagam, SVP Microgrid Line of Business at Schneider Electric, as they explore the importance of a standardized microgrid solution and the role microgrids...
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Data Center Microgrids: The Case for Microgrids at Data Centers

Jan. 9, 2023
Many of the systems that businesses and the public rely on in the modern world are dependent on the internet, making data centers a critical form of infrastructure. But as the...
Footpint Project
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Mobile microgrids by Footprint and Schneider make Time’s best inventions list

Nov. 11, 2022
Footprint's 'footprint' is visible after earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados — and even in Ukraine — as it brings solar microgrid power to those in need.

Linking Clean Energy and Clean Mobility via Resilient Microgrids

Oct. 15, 2021
Resilient microgrids and energy as a service (EaaS) business models can help to support grid assets by linking renewables, EVs, and advanced software systems to provide real time...
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An Innovative Approach to Resilience in Public Facilities

April 2, 2020
Learn how Montgomery County increased resilience, upgraded electrical infrastructure and enhance sustainability by installing microgrids at two of its critical county facilities...

Data Centers and Advanced Microgrids — The Impact of the New Digital Economy on Data Centers

March 11, 2020
The digitization of products and services is largely dependent upon them having reliable electricity. If done right, the shift to electricity can offer enormous advantages in ...

California’s Critical Facility Challenge: The Case for Energy-as-a-Service Municipal Microgrids

May 23, 2019
This white paper, commissioned by Schneider Electric, answers one of the most commonly asked questions: How can today’s governments pay for the vital energy infrastructure upgrades...