Reliable and Affordable Power That Enables Substantial Energy Savings for an Industrial Site

May 29, 2020
Microgrids are increasingly being deployed to ensure local continuity of supply, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and defer large-scale grid investments in areas that have a weak connection to the main electricity grid.

In 2016, ABB installed an integrated solar PV– diesel-battery microgrid at its Longmeadow facility in Johannesburg, South Africa. This integrates multiple energy sources and battery based stabilization technology within a smart control system that facilitates the seamless transition between grid-connected and islanded modes without any disruption to the connected loads. The facility is now able to operate as its own ‘power island’, supplying reliable power 24/7 and ensuring that business continues as normal despite any planned or unplanned disturbances or outages of the main power grid. While continuity of supply is the critical factor, the ABB system also optimizes the site’s use of solar power to reduce its reliance on increasingly expensive and polluting diesel fuel.