Microgrids for Consumer Packaged Goods

May 3, 2023
Now available on demand, a new webinar from Microgrid Knowledge and IndustryWeek outlines how microgrids can help consumer packaged goods companies address power, budget and sustainability challenges.

There are a number of challenges facing consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and manufacturers today. Budget constraints, an increased number of power outages and a need for additional electricity to power business growth are chief among them. At the same time, these companies are also working to address demands to become more sustainable and cost effective.

Fortunately, microgrids, which can be an essential part of an integrated energy system at manufacturing facilities, can help address all these challenges. A microgrid is a collection of distributed energy resources that are contained within a geographic footprint, all managed by intelligent software and control technology.

CPG and manufacturing microgrids video now available on demand

To help CPG companies and manufacturers understand how microgrids can help their facilities achieve sustainability goals and optimize costs, the editors of Microgrid Knowledge and IndustryWeek recently hosted a webinar on the topic. The webinar is now available to view for free on demand.

The webinar features three microgrid experts: Miguel Najera, vice president of the CPG segment North America for Schneider Electric, Jason Heindel, director of solutions and strategy – Americas for AZZO and Clark Wiedetz, chief sales officer for GreenStruxture.

The speakers outline some emerging trends and challenges facing the CPG segment, including changes in consumer behavior, budgetary constraints, climate change and resource scarcity, consumer trust and regulation, and the changing workforce dynamic.

Watch the webinar on microgrids for CPG and manufacturing facilities.

Then the experts discuss two real-world applications of microgrids for consumer packaged goods companies and manufacturers.

The first example is the successful South Australian Produce Market microgrid, which provides energy reliability and reduced energy bills for South Australia’s largest primary produce market.

The second case study focuses on Bimbo Bakeries in the US. To reach its sustainability goals, Bimbo is implementing microgrids across its California facilities – and it’s doing it without any upfront costs.

The webinar includes a question and answer session recorded during the live event.

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