Enchanted Rock: Working to Provide Resiliency and Beat the Price of Diesel

Dec. 4, 2020
At Microgrid 2020 Global, Microgrid Knowledge spoke with Allan Schurr, chief commercial officer at Enchanted Rock — which provides resiliency microgrids for commercial and industrial operations. Schurr explained how Enchanted Rock is helping the clean energy industry “beat the price of diesel.”

Enchanted Rock, which develops, owns and operates microgrids, focuses on bringing energy resilience to commercial and industrial operations.

The company uses natural gas technology for its microgrids, which is “so clean, we can operate with usually no limitations on the number of hours in operation, not just for resiliency, but also in support of grid.”

Enchanted Rock’s microgrids serve a range of industries, including healthcare, higher education, research campuses, manufacturing, food products, chemical, data centers, and utilities.

“So we, provide grid services; we generate a revenue stream by doing that, and we pass along that benefit in the form of a low up-front price to our customers for resiliency,” Schurr said.

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In addition, Enchanted Rock works with utilities. “We have some interesting relationships with utilities to help them with value-add services in their territory, especially where their customers are having difficulty getting the reliability levels that they want.”

Schurr also described how Enchanted Rock is beginning to integrate solar, energy storage and load controls in microgrids, which can help reduce the cost of resilience, lower customer’s energy bills, and generate incremental revenue streams.

“If we can’t beat the price of diesel backup, then diesel becomes the default for just about everybody,” said Schurr. “And over and over, in a large number of markets, wrapping this package together, we can beat the price of diesel and provide it as a service, so  we are very excited about that shift.”

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