QuickChat: Community Microgrids as a Pathway to NetZero

May 2, 2023
Watch this 10-minute QuickChat between Mike Bakas, Ameresco and Microgrid Knowledge’s Elisa Wood as they discuss the latest in community microgrids.

In the wake of natural and manmade disasters, preservation of the safety and security of our communities is becoming critical. Collaboration is key for a sustainable path to resiliency. Ameresco can work with communities to help them develop a plan for what services they want to provide during outages and how to implement that plan.

“Ameresco provides a path for communities to customize a microgrid to serve their particular needs, one size does not fit all with respect to microgrids.” Mike Bakas, Executive Vice President, Ameresco

Watch this 10-minute QuickChat to hear these questions answered:

  1. Why are we seeing more communities interested in microgrids?
  2. How does Ameresco’s microgrid solution help communities?
  3. Can you give us an example of a community microgrid that serves as a model?
  4. Do communities face obstructions in trying to develop microgrids? 


Elisa Wood, Editor in Chief, Microgrid Knowledge

Mike Bakas, Executive Vice President, Ameresco