The Value of Microgrids During Societal Disruption

June 4, 2020
In this session from the Microgrid Knowledge Virtual Conference, we explore the role can microgrids play in the recovery from COVID-19.

History tells us that disasters tend to spur new interest in microgrids and reliable energy. COVID-19 is no different, given the strain it has placed on hospitals, data centers and delivery systems. On top of that, society faces new economic pressures, making the sophisticated energy cost management offered by microgrids even more important. What role can microgrids play in the recovery, and further, what is the value of microgrids amid societal disruption?

Presentations and Discussion

Moderator: Elisa Wood (Microgrid Knowledge) Editor-in-Chief

Mark Feasel (Schneider Electric) President, Smart Grid
Erik Svanholm (S&C Electric) Vice President of Non-Wires Alternatives
Ravi Pradhan (Siemens Digital Grid) Vice President of Technical Solutions