Microgrid Knowledge Editor’s Choice Awards: 2022

Dec. 12, 2022
2022 was a big year for microgrids. They made their mark during national and international events: the Ukraine war, Hurricane Ian, last summer’s heat wave and the passage of a major US climate bill. Here are our editor's favorite stories from the year.

We revisited what we published this year, and our editors noodled on which they liked best. Stories about grid calamities, electric vehicles, hydrogen and neighborhood microgrids were among those that made the cut. 

Here's the list.

Weather and war

Solar, storage, microgrids sought for Ukraine as Russia bombards the grid 

 New Use Energy and a group of nonprofits are working with medical professionals and others to keep the lights on as Russia makes Ukraine's grid a war target.

Microgrids created electric sanctuaries amidst the devastation of Hurricane Ian 

 Look at all of the microgrids that kept the power flowing, often to vital services, while Hurricane Ian pummeled the electric grid.

How microgrids performed during the summer heatwave

 From Texas to California to Oregon multi-tasking microgrids bolstered the grid and kept air conditioners running during this summer’s brutal heatwave.

 Government policy

First glimpse into how the US government will allot energy resilience money 

 The US Department of Energy offers a glimpse into its plans to allot $10.5 billion for energy resilience from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Eight changes (all good) that microgrid insiders see emerging from the Inflation Reduction Act

 Microgrid industry insiders describe the changes they foresee coming now that the $430 billion Inflation Reduction Act is law.

Sunnova swings back at critics of microutilities plan

Everyone seems to have an opinion — some pro and some con — about Sunnova’s idea to develop microutilities for new California neighborhoods.

 Home and residential microgrids

A hydrogen microgrid for a home? A California utility achieves first step

SoCalGas produced its first kilogram of renewable hydrogen meant for use in a residential hydrogen microgrid.

California’s first nested community microgrid draws homebuyers

 A Department of Energy backed project being built in California by KB Home tackles a cutting-edge approach: a microgrid that connects multiple communities and energy technologies.

 A Florida neighborhood tries out a microgrid like no other

The word ‘unique’ gets attached to so many energy projects, it hardly has meaning anymore. But a neighborhood microgrid now operating near Tampa, Florida, lives up to the billing.


Remember when powering your house with your vehicle was a wild idea?

A few years ago, the thought of using the batteries in electric vehicles to provide vehicle-to-grid, vehicle-to-microgrid or vehicle-to-home power was just an idea, maybe even a wild idea. No more.

Nation’s capital sees first microgrid-powered electric buses with launch of Alphastruxture project

The first microgrid-powered electric buses are now on the road in the Washington, D.C., area.


Three new and different reasons for microgrids

High energy prices, electric grid woes and the pursuit of climate goals by businesses are driving development of US microgrids. It’s no longer all about the last hurricane.

Resilience-hungry Oregon to deploy two community microgrids, reflecting national trend

 In Oregon, which suffers from the effects of climate change, two cities are developing community microgrids. The projects reflect new models emerging to get more community microgrids on the ground nationally.

 Economic trends converge to make microgrids more attractive

Demand for microgrids is accelerating as a convergence of market and government trends work in the technology’s favor. In fact, some of today’s economic headwinds act as tailwinds for microgrids.


How a microgrid saved Pittsburgh International Airport $1 million

One year ago, Pittsburgh International Airport became the first airport in the nation to get all of its power from a solar and natural gas microgrid. Today, it’s got $1 million to show for it.

 How to succeed as a microgrid startup: Xendee’s story

 After winning the brass ring, its Series A financing, Xendee shares what it takes to be a startup in the microgrid software space.

 Human interest

 From microgrids to the moon: The unusual journey of Blue Planet Energy

 Few microgrid companies begin the way Blue Planet Energy did. Founder Henk Rogers tells the story … and describes the unusual place his aspirations are bringing him.

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Elisa Wood is the editor and founder of EnergyChangemakers.com. She is co-founder and former editor of Microgrid Knowledge.

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