Microgrid Operations and Optimization

Learn all about microgrid operations and optimization in this collection of videos and webinars. Videos explore what's happening now and what's to come.
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Virtual Reality: Microgrids, VPPs Mutually Boost Each Other's Case

Jan. 8, 2024
The decentralization, democratization and fragmentation of the power grid is yielding newer and more complex energy combinations these days, making room for both very different...

Exploring the Potential of Community Microgrids Through Three Innovative Case Studies

April 8, 2024
Community microgrids represent a burgeoning solution to meet the energy needs of localized areas and regions. These microgrids are clusters of interconnected energy resources,...
Applying a single, OEM-independent asset management and SCADA software solution reduces complexity, enabling power producers to see more data, save on maintenance costs and produce more energy.

The Powerful Benefits of Simplifying Complexity

Nov. 2, 2023
Brett Benson of Emerson explains why today’s energy landscape is steeped in complexity, and how that complexity manifests itself in several ways, including inefficiencies, added...
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Learning on the Fly: Pittsburgh Airport Microgrid Turns 2

July 27, 2023
All in all, Woodrow and the infrastructure team at PIT feel confirmed in their conviction that this microgrid project would work above & beyond expectations. The team is exploring...

Sweating the Small Stuff (and It's All Small Stuff)

June 8, 2023
Learn strategies for anticipating and overcoming the “small stuff” that can add delays and cost to your microgrid project.
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Validating Before Operating: Digital Twins and Microgrids

May 2, 2023
John Francis from ETAP explains why your microgrid should have a digital twin.
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Microgrid Standardization Will Accelerate Much Needed Adoption

Feb. 24, 2023
Demand for microgrids is growing in large part because they offer resilience for today’s energy needs. Microgrids are just one example of distributed energy resources. They generate...
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US Defense Dept. enlists Xendee to streamline military microgrid design

Nov. 4, 2022
Xendee platform to reduce design time and cut engineering expenses for military microgrids.

Graduating Beyond the Basics: The Latest Microgrid Innovations for Campuses

July 28, 2022
Learn about the latest innovations in campus microgrids from the experts designing, installing and managing three impressive projects.