Getting People’s Eyes & Hands on Microgrids with Exploration Station

Feb. 26, 2016
People who don’t understand microgrids–or energy in general–can get their eyes and hands on microgrids with a portable Microgrid Exploration Station created by the Wisconsin Energy...

Propane Is a Sustainable Choice for Growing Microgrid Need

July 2, 2024
Construction professionals rely on propane’s lower emissions and enhanced resiliency

GE’s Smart Microgrids: Efficient and Reliable

Nov. 24, 2015
Smart microgrids are reliable and efficient, and GE says it has the ability to leverage its experience and expertise to make them even more so.

Studies Examine the Value of Microgrids After Earthquakes in San Francisco

Nov. 23, 2015
The Rocky Mountain Institute is studying the value of microgrids after earthquakes in San Francisco, focusing on creating a network of microgrids that would protect critical resources...

Protecting Against Cyber Attacks on the Power Grid

Nov. 5, 2015
The potential for cyber attacks on the power grid is very real, especially with the advent of electronic devices that send information about assets that supply energy to the grid...

The Humble Ways Princeton University’s Microgrid is Green

Oct. 15, 2015
Princeton University’s microgrid is green — but not in ways that are obvious. Hint: It’s about a lot more than just the solar panels.

Building-Level Microgrid Pays for Itself Through Utility Incentives

Sept. 10, 2015
GoElectric’s building-level microgrid pays for itself in many instances, thanks to utility incentives for demand response programs. CEO Lisa Laughner explains how it works in ...

Dual Fuel Diesel Engines Help Keep the Lights On

July 16, 2015
When high winds knock out wind turbines supplying power to the grid, dual fuel diesel engines serve as an important line of defense against blackouts. Jeff Powell, product manager...

Turning Distributed Energy Resources into Grid Market Players in California

July 1, 2015
California is looking at a plan (DERP) to turn distributed energy resources into grid market players. What will this mean to microgrid developers? Is this a better approach to...