Microgrid Knowledge Expands Coverage of Distributed Energy: A Note from the Editor

Oct. 14, 2016
Microgrid Knowledge announced today that it has expanded its coverage of distributed energy resources. We are expanding to reflect growth in the microgrid market and the evolution of the distributed grid.

Today you will find more content and new topics and insight on Microgrid Knowledge.

We are expanding to reflect growth in the microgrid market and the evolution of the distributed grid.

Microgrids remain the core of our news and analysis. But we also now focus on aligned topics, such as virtual power plants, community solar, solar-plus-storage, nanogrids, non-wires alternatives, demand responsecombined heat and power, district energyenergy efficiency and electric vehicles.

To bring you this expanded coverage, we have merged our sister publication Energy Efficiency Markets into Microgrid Knowledge. Now you can find all of the important news about microgrids and distributed energy resources on one news site.

Please take a look around and let us know what you think of the changes we’ve made to Microgrid Knowledge. In addition to adding more stories, we have redesigned our White Paper Library, where you’ll find in-depth guides, reports and papers.

We think it’s fair to say that no other news site offers more information about microgrids and distributed energy than Microgrid Knowledge.

We thank you for visiting our site and for sharing links to our stories on your own websites and social media. We’ve seen tremendous growth in readership over the last year. Microgrids and distributed energy are re-inventing the electric industry. Count on Microgrid Knowledge to keep you at the forefront of the transformation. Thanks! Elisa Wood, Editor-in-Chief

About the Author

Elisa Wood | Editor-in-Chief

Elisa Wood is the editor and founder of EnergyChangemakers.com. She is co-founder and former editor of Microgrid Knowledge.

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