Early Bird Discount Extended 1 Day: Now Ends Feb. 1 for Microgrid Conference “New York and Beyond”  

Jan. 12, 2016
MIcrogrid Knowledge has extended by one day a special discount for its NYC microgrid conference, “New York and Beyond: Advancing Microgrids Nationally with Lessons Learned in New York.” The discount now ends Feb. 1.

A special discount for early bird registration has been extended one day for the microgrid conference, “New York and Beyond: Advancing Microgrids Nationally with Lessons Learned in New York, hosted by Microgrid Knowledge in Manhattan.

The 15 percent discount now ends Monday, February 1 for the May 19 event that will bring together microgrid leaders from New York and throughout the nation.

The original deadline had fallen on a weekend, so Microgrid Knowledge extended it through Monday.

This first-of-its kind microgrid conference is designed to shape and propel the industry based on strategies and knowledge emerging out of New York, an epicenter of the microgrid industry.  Featured speakers will include such industry notables as Richard Kauffman, chairman of energy and finance for New York State, who is leading New York’s ground-breaking energy policy revolution, Reforming the Energy Vision (REV).

New York has become one of the fastest-growing community microgrid markets in the world, spurred by the $40 million NY Prize, a model program that is drawing major energy and infrastructure companies to the state.

Conference participants will have the opportunity to gain new insight and new business at this unique gathering of microgrid teams, utilities, policymakers and investors. The event offers a venue to meet those who are laying the groundwork for this new and vibrant industry.

The microgrid conference agenda is designed to move industry discussion beyond “What is a microgrid?” to “How do we advance microgrids?” Speakers and sessions will offer vision, as well as practical, how-to market and policy strategies. Panelists will cover such topics as how to form microgrid teams, partner with utilities, develop effective microgrid policies and secure financing.

To register before the early bird special ends Feb. 1 – or to learn more about the conference agenda and Manhattan venue — visit the Microgrid Conference Channel. For sponsorship information contact [email protected].

“New York and Beyond: Advancing Microgrids Nationally with Lessons Learned in New York,” is being hosted by Microgrid Knowledge, the leading news and feature website covering the microgrid industry.

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