Energy Efficiency MicroNews: Royal Philips, Ice Energy, Greensmith, Itron

March 17, 2014
This week in energy efficiency news Royal Philips is now illuminating the interior of Notre-Dame de Paris with LEDs. Ice Energy has installed two Ice Bears for United Illuminating.Greensmith is on track to integrate four new battery types in 2014. FirstEnergy will deploy Itron’s OpenWay smart grid solution at four Pennsylvania-based utilities.

This week in energy efficiency news…

Royal Philips is now illuminating the interior of Notre-Dame de Paris with LEDs, which show off the cathedral’s gothic features, reduce energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs, and add dynamic lighting features. Philips used more than 400 luminaires, with an installed capacity of just 30 kW.  This reduces previous energy consumption by 80 percent.

More about Philips’ LED installation at the Notre-Dame de Paris

Ice Energy has installed two Ice Bears for Connecticut’s United Illuminating as a pilot project through the Energize Connecticut initiative. The project demonstrates the potential of Ice Bear to reduce peak electric demand. The Ice Bears were installed at two commercial businesses located in Orange, Conn. They provide both thermal energy storage and demand response.

More about United Illuminating Ice Energy Storage Pilot including Demand Response

Greensmith is on track to integrate four new battery types in 2014, bringing the company’s total since inception to 12 that use its battery-agnostic technology platform. With over 23mW of energy storage capacity to be deployed in 2014, Greensmith continues its rapid growth by serving an expanding list of strategic customers and channel partners looking to take advantage of the frequency regulation, grid stability/deferral, renewable integration and commercial/industrial functionality.

More about Greensmith and the company’s 4 new battery types

Itron and FirstEnergy have signed a contract to deploy Itron’s OpenWay smart grid solution across FirstEnergy’s four Pennsylvania-based utilities, including Metropolitan Edison, Pennsylvania Electric, Pennsylvania Power and West Penn Power. The solution, which features Itron and Cisco’s jointly developed IPv6 network architecture, will help modernize FirstEnergy’s electricity distribution system and enable advanced capabilities and consumer programs. FirstEnergy will install more than 2 million Itron smart meters over the next several years.

More about the Itron and FirstEnergy contract

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