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Connecticut solar microgrid project. Image credit Schneider Electric
Connecticut Project

Who's Making the Grade (And Who's not)?: Think Microgrid's 2023 State Scorecard

Nov. 29, 2023
Across the nation, as studied by Think Microgrid’s policy team, only Connecticut, Colorado, Hawaii and Texas merited Bs in the State Scorecard. Most were handed Cs or Ds.

ICT Visionary Q&A with Allen Griser, Chief Commercial Officer at Clearfield

Dec. 1, 2023
ICT Visionary Q&A with Allen Griser, Chief Commercial Officer, Clearfield
Maximiliano Ferrari
The Adjuntas microgrids rely on these two large energy storage units designed by ELM. Source: Maximiliano Ferrari

Oak Ridge National Lab Microgrid Orchestrator to Create Grid of Microgrids in Puerto Rico

Nov. 14, 2023
The orchestrator, which is in the final stages of hardware testing, will allow two microgrids in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, to “talk” to each other.
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Schneider Electric Helps the Military Build Resilient and Sustainable Facilities through Microgrids

Oct. 13, 2023
Curt “Kibbles” Ebitz, strategic account executive at Schneider Electric discusses how Schneider Electric helps the military build resilient and sustainable facilities to help ...

Synthetic Inertia could be Solution to Grid Frequency Worries: November 1 Webinar

Oct. 10, 2023
The innovation in distributed energy control and management systems makes synthetic inertia possible. To that end, microgrid control technology firm PXiSE Energy Solutions is ...
Image credit National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Nrel Lab

Smarter Grid Solutions Providing DERMs for NREL Energy Integration, Microgrid R&D Facility

Aug. 24, 2023
NREL’s ESIF also houses a megawatt-scale microgrid evaluation platform that helps utilities study microgrid connections and simulations. These research activities focus on connecting...
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Fast-Acting Microgrids and ‘More of What Worked’ Needed during Texas Heat

July 17, 2023
When market prices jumped to $4,000/MWh during June's heatwave in Texas, microgrid operators provided hundreds of megawatts to support the strained grid.
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Microgrids Can Solve Grid and Cost Challenges For EV Charging Projects

July 17, 2023
A recent survey from Xendee and Endeavor Business Intelligence reveals insights, challenges and potential solutions related to commercial EV charging.
Propane Hero

Why PERC Believes Propane is the Fuel of Today

June 21, 2023
Jim Bunsey of the Propane Energy Resource Council explains why propane pairs so well with microgrids.