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Eaton, Bloom Energy Partnering on Medical Center Microgrid in California

Oct. 11, 2023
The energy firm did not name the healthcare facility or customer. The release by Eaton and Bloom Energy said say the project will reduce the site’s energy costs by up to 20% and...

Exploring the Potential of Community Microgrids Through Three Innovative Case Studies

April 8, 2024
Community microgrids represent a burgeoning solution to meet the energy needs of localized areas and regions. These microgrids are clusters of interconnected energy resources,...
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From the Grid-Microgrid Relationship to Hydrogen: A Look at the Future

May 15, 2023
Bloom Energy's Sharelynn Moore discusses the future of the microgrid industry and why hydrogen is more of a long-term proposition.
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Pay microgrid owners to boost California’s grid? Credits and “price machines” proposed

June 27, 2022
Two separate proposals floated last week before California regulators open the door for financial incentives that would encourage microgrid owners to step in and help out when...
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The connection between food, energy, war and microgrids

March 30, 2022
Food and energy are two closely linked commodities as recent price spikes make the world painfully aware. Food businesses can’t do much about the war in Ukraine or the global ...

What? Only Utility Microgrids?

Nov. 16, 2021
Several parties are questioning why only utilities made the cut to build microgrids in a key recommendation before California regulators on how to meet the state’s capacity shortfall...
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Microgrid Advocates Push Back as Utility Challenges Standby Rate Change

Sept. 7, 2021
Responding to a utility rehearing request, microgrid advocates are urging California regulators to uphold their decision to slash a major part of standby charges for eligible ...
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Bloom Energy Sues Santa Clara Again for Blocking Fuel Cells

July 20, 2021
Santa Clara, California, is effectively banning fuel cells to protect its municipal utility from competition, according to a suit filed by Bloom Energy, a fuel cell company.
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California Regulators Waive Key Standby Charges for Eligible Microgrids

July 16, 2021
In a win for microgrid developers, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) yesterday suspended a key component of standby charges for eligible microgrids.