News and feature articles on microgrids in Australia including RFP's, policies and players impacting the region.

With Bushfires, Floods and Unreliable Electricity, Australia Could Benefit from Microgrids, But Challenges Stand in the Way

Feb. 19, 2024
For remote and rural communities in Australia, extreme weather has sparked a need for resilience. A study of 25 microgrid projects reveals the challenges to microgrid deployment...

Exploring the Potential of Community Microgrids Through Three Innovative Case Studies

April 8, 2024
Community microgrids represent a burgeoning solution to meet the energy needs of localized areas and regions. These microgrids are clusters of interconnected energy resources,...
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Aerial view of Bawley Beach, NSW, Australia. Source: Brayden Stanford Photo /

New Community Microgrid Brings Resilience to Bushfire-Prone Aussie Communities

Aug. 10, 2023
The microgrid, which is expected to be fully operational by the end of the year, lays the foundation for future renewable energy solutions in remote New South Wales communities...
The IKEA eleXsys microgrid in Adelaide, Australia. Source: eleXsys

IKEA Microgrid Goes Live. Creates Australia’s Largest Virtual Power Plant

May 25, 2023
The $6.6 million microgrid will power IKEA’s Adelaide location and support the South Australian power grid.
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The Queensland Microgrid Pilot Fund will help provide energy independence and resilience to the Australian state's remote communities and protect the Great Barrier Reef.

Queensland Government Offers $10 million in Microgrid Incentives

Jan. 4, 2023
A new $10 million fund will help First Nations and storm-prone regions in Queensland, Australia, achieve energy independence and resilience with microgrids.
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Australia’s largest rooftop solar microgrid coming to logistics facility

Sept. 26, 2022
The largest intermodal freight and logistics facility in Australia will soon be powered by a solar microgrid and other renewable electricity sources.
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The Onslow microgrid in Western Australia. Courtesy of Horizon Power

Horizon Power announces DERMS rollout for 34 microgrids

Aug. 24, 2022
Horizon Power plans to launch distributed energy resources management system (DERMS) technology across its microgrids in Western Australia to ease the integration of customer-...
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In Australia, New South Wales’ grid operator goes against the convention and pursues a microgrid

May 27, 2022
In Australia, transmission company Transgrid has revived plans to power the remote New South Wales mining city of Broken Hill with a renewable microgrid.

Australian government awards $18.7 million contract for Daintree Microgrid

March 17, 2022
The Australian government has awarded Volt Advisory Group $AU18.75 million over three years to develop the Daintree Microgrid Project, an innovative renewable energy microgrid...