Renewable Energy

Learn how renewable energy integrates with microgrid technology in this collection of videos and webinars from Microgrid Knowledge.
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‘Synthetic Inertia’ Could Be the Solution to Texas’ Clean Electric Grid Growing Pains

Sept. 25, 2023
Everything’s bigger in Texas, as the saying goes, and it’s no different for the state’s power sector. Texas consumes and generates the most electricity in the United States, and...


Designing Microgrids: Evaluating Parameters for Reliable, Cost-Effective and Optimized Power Solutions

Dec. 7, 2023
Shawn Dalke electrical engineer at Mesa Solutions discusses load profiles and power sources for microgrids.
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Why PERC Believes Propane Should Be a Part of Your Decarbonization Plan

Sept. 25, 2023
Jim Bunsey of the Propane Energy Resource Council explains how propane can help the U.S. reach its decarbonization goals.
FuelCell Energy
FuelCell Energy and Toyota Announce Completion of World's First 'Tri-gen' Production System (Source: FuelCell Energy)

Toyota, Port of Long Beach Go Green With ‘Tri-gen’ Biogas-to-H2 Production System

Sept. 8, 2023
Long Beach will be Toyota’s first port-based vehicle processing facility that’s completely powered by on-site renewable energy.
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How EaaS Microgrids Optimized with VPP Software Accelerate The Energy Transition

Aug. 7, 2023
Distributed energy in the form of microgrids and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), will play an increasingly important role in the new energy landscape. Learn how adding Virtual Power...
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RivGen power system

Clean Marine Generators Wade into the Diesel-Powered Microgrid World

Aug. 3, 2023
Marine generators are now wading into the microgrid space, deployed to desalinate water and supply clean power to replace diesel.
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Three perspectives why investing in hybrid microgrids makes business sense

April 25, 2023
Chris Pye is a Hybrid Microgrid Segment Manager at ComAp, the leading provider of control solutions for power generation and energy management, and in this article Chris Pye discusses...

What are the Larger Trends Influencing Microgrid Growth?

March 1, 2023
Check out the energy trends described in The Sustainable Energy in America 2023 Factbook to understand why microgrids are gaining traction.

Making Your Organization Carbon Neutral With Renewable Natural Gas

Feb. 1, 2023
The growing importance of sustainability is cultivating demand for comprehensive energy solutions that can help organizations achieve their environmentally focused goals. Low-...