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Founded in 2006, Enchanted Rock, Ltd. builds and operates cost effective resiliency microgrids that help companies efficiently manage the risk associated with electricity interruptions.


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In 2010, ERock became the first in Texas to provide utility grade backup power as a service. The company is responsible for the design, project management, installation, and commissioning of 300 MW of distributed generation, including 160 MW of Distributed Power Generation projects and 140 MW of customer reliability systems. The company currently has 65 MW of customer resiliency microgrids under construction. ERock is the only distributed energy company combining expertise in energy market integration, control technologies, and construction, translating into more reliable and less expensive backup power for customers. ERock serves a wide range of industries including grocery stores, senior living facilities, travel centers, cold storage facilities, car dealerships, higher learning institutions and critical manufacturing facilities.

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VDB Photos/Shutterstock.com

Puget Sound Energy and the clean energy transition in Washington State

Jan. 8, 2023
Puget Sound Energy is coordinating value-added services for customers across a broad suite of opportunities.
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Battery being plugged in for an electric forklift. Photo by PS stock/Shutterstock.com

How JEA defines beneficial electrification in Jacksonville, Florida

Dec. 19, 2022
A new special report from Microgrid Knowledge and Enchanted Rock reveals how JEA designs innovative electrification programs that create shared benefits for the company, customers...
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SMUD, Rocky Mountain Power: How to create shared value from DERs

Dec. 12, 2022
A new special report from Microgrid Knowledge and Enchanted Rock describes how SMUD and Rocky Mountain Power are creating shared value from DERs in the West.
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How Dominion Energy is preparing for more electric vehicles in Virginia

Dec. 5, 2022
A new special report describes innovations in utility value-added services, including how Dominion Energy is preparing for an influx of EVs in Virginia.
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Rudmer Zwerver : Shutterstock com

Utility execs have microgrids in mind for future value-added services

Nov. 29, 2022
A new survey from Microgrid Knowledge and Enchanted Rock offers insight into how utility executives view microgrids

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7 Strategies to Make Microgrids a Fit for Utility Grid Modernization

Feb. 7, 2023
In 2022, Enchanted Rock and Microgrid Knowledge conducted a survey of leaders at large U.S. electric utilities. The goal was to understand their actions and attitudes around microgrid...
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Data Center Microgrids: Implementing Your Microgrid

Jan. 9, 2023
Beyond providing energy resilience, a microgrid brings additional energy management, cost and sustainability benefits. These features are making microgrids increasingly attractive...
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The Case for Microgrids at Water and Wastewater Facilities

Nov. 14, 2022
Water and wastewater utilities around the world account for almost 2% of greenhouse gas emissions — similar to the impact of the global shipping industry. That figure is set to...
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A New Grid Architecture for Optimizing Resiliency

May 31, 2022
Microgrids are the key to achieving resiliency while optimizing for customer needs, economic value, and expeditious project development. A holistic regulatory approach to grid...

The State of the Grid: Improving Energy Solutions for Evolving Digital Infrastructure Power Needs

May 27, 2022
Ensuring the electric grid provides reliable, efficient, and sustainable electricity continues to be a challenge across the entire grid ecosystem. A new special report from Enchanted...

Assessing Alternatives to Diesel Backup Power

June 2, 2020
Download this report is to compare the feasibility, economics, and GHG emissions of several alternative microgrid systems commonly considered for resilience purposes.
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How Microgrids are Changing the Paradigm on Data Center Power Delivery, Uptime, and Efficiency

May 29, 2020
This special report explores why microgrid use is on the rise at data centers, including how microgrids improve resiliency, uptime, and a data center’s environmental profile.

Resiliency Microgrids — Enabling Cost-Effective Solutions to Both Mitigate Outages from Wildfire and Extreme Weather Risks

April 22, 2020
Modular, low cost microgrids can provide long-duration resiliency services to host customer sites while helping integrate variable renewable energy supplies at the grid operations...
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Microgrids for Retail Report: How Retailers Can Increase Electric Reliability

Aug. 30, 2019
A special report from Microgrid Knowledge explores how microgrids and distributed energy resources can increase efficiency, resiliency and reliability at a variety of different...

A Comparison of Fuel Choice for Backup Generators

July 28, 2019
With increasing severe weather events and disasters triggering greater numbers of costly power outages, there is a growing interest in generators for reliable backup power.

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The Affordable Microgrid: Securing Electric Reliability through Outsourcing

April 24, 2018
In this Microgrid Knowledge Special Report, courtesy of Enchanted Rock, you'll learn more about the affordable microgrid and how outsourcing is making microgrids more accessible...