Demand Response

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Virtual Reality: Microgrids, VPPs Mutually Boost Each Other's Case

Nov. 22, 2023
The decentralization, democratization and fragmentation of the power grid is yielding newer and more complex energy combinations these days, making room for both very different...

Types of Microgrids

Dec. 4, 2023
No two microgrids are the same. Check out two types of microgrids with these real-life case studies.
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Virtual Power Plants Gaining Traction Down Under and in the U.S.

Oct. 18, 2023
Virtual power plants are growing in popularity as utilities, state and local governments and communities look for ways to effectively utilize an increasing number of distributed...
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ERCOT Launches Two Virtual Power Plants

Aug. 28, 2023
The pilot project aims to test the use of consumer-owned energy devices to strengthen grid reliability.
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PG&E Opts for “Radical Collaboration” with Operators of Microgrids and DERs with DERMS

July 31, 2023
No longer is PG&E holding its cards close to its chest, said Schneider Electric's Don Wingate. With a DERMs system, PG&E has opted for transparency and collaboration with community...
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Puget Sound Energy and the clean energy transition in Washington State

Jan. 8, 2023
Puget Sound Energy is coordinating value-added services for customers across a broad suite of opportunities.
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EnergyTech: ERCOT moves forward on pilot to evaluate DERs in wholesale markets

Oct. 24, 2022
Rod Walton, senior editor of EnergyTech, describes an ERCOT pilot project with implications for microgrids.
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California state budget goes all in to fund energy resilience; expected to lower microgrid costs

Oct. 21, 2022
A range of programs approved in the California state budget boost microgrid funding to increase energy resilience.
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5 questions to ask when choosing a demand response program for your microgrid

Aug. 16, 2022
Tom Poteet of Mesa Solutions outlines five questions you can use to determine which demand response program works best for your organization.